The Theory Of Everything…

God I have so much things on my mind now. How I remember the times when I used to sit down and just discuss the universe itself with other people till the wee hours of the morning. Never coming close to the answer but always coming out knowing more than you could ever do alone. What happened to those days? What ever happened to those days of curiosity and exploration that we had as a child?

Instead of seeking new things, wondering why things happen. As we grow older we seem to have an opinion of why everything happens. We’re exposed to a world where we see everything and envision nothing. We bounce of the events of events on superficial opinions that only expresses our feelings towards whatever crosses our path. We effectively stopped wondering why it anything happens and began to accept the face value as it is. I mean…how many of us actually sat down and piece together say…how can human beings become so evil? How many of us actually sat down and wondered about the true face of God if such a thing can actually be comprehended?

As a kid, it didn’t matter whether or not we could grasp the infinite logic of the universe. It didn’t matter if we could even grasp why ants seem to crawl up your pants and bite you. It mattered that we tried to comprehend, we never stopped asking ourselves and others why things were the way they were? We never were bound by such rigid thinking and blind acceptance towards anything. When did that all start?

Ok maybe it comes back to the beginning. We don’t have time to sit down and ponder say…the workings of the universe. But whoever said that the greatest things we never knew lay outside this planet? Everyday we pass small miracles and large wonders, but we never stopped and appreciated it. Everyday there will be at least some time by yourself to just look upon hustle and bustle of the city streets and ask yourself “How is it that things bercame this way?”

Everyone owes it to themselves to open their minds and look into some small greatness of reality. If we are but infants in a universe ever expanding, then by all means let us be infants that explore all that we have to witness, driven by curiosity and the innocence that we have yet to lose to the vastness of infinity. That’s the least you can do…

“To us God would be the music played upon 10 dimensional hyperstrings” – Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist

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