The Uncertain Sarcasms…

7 years ago if you told me that life is going to be better I would have strangled you. 5 years ago if you told me I would have a social life I would have thought it a cruel joke. 2 years ago if you had told me I would not be a virgin anymore I would laugh my head off. 6 months ago if you had told me I would find myself surrounded by people I can call my friends I would have called you crazy.

Aren’t I glad I didn’t do that to you?

Or maybe I did…did I?

It’s amazing how life seemingly gives you the things you never expected for the better to just happen. As much as I have seen it countless times. As much as I have experienced it time and time again for myself. It still never ceases to amaze me. The little miracles and magic of life just never seems to lose their charm.

It amazes me further by the fact time and time again I have heard countless people tell themselves and the world around them that their life will never be better, that whatever event happened in their life shattered their world enough for them to never feel the hint of happiness again.

3 months later they can’t stop telling people how happy they are.

You know what…this is the reason why I’m never surprised about life anymore. This is the reason why for the most part I have chosen NOT to feel extremely joyous or miserable…save for two important things in my life. I mean, it’ll just be a waste of emotion…NO way you WANT to feel miserable when deep down you know things will look up in due time. No way you want to constantly tear your insides at what cannot happen now because we don’t know what opportunity is going to come to us in the future.

The unfortunate thing is that the same way goes for being happy as well. You know very well that happiness works the same way as sadness. The only difference here is that…you WANT to be happy right? Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t overdo it…but enough to have a great time.

Sounds just about right…right?

I’m not saying don’t count on everything in life. I’m sure there is some leeway to give to the more positive things in life like…love…or whatever makes you feel peacefully content in life. But I seriously feel bad for those who redefine their life on feelings that are as topsy turvy as a rollercoaster…especially when that definition is their own misery.

No one can tell you what you will face in the future. Whether you face hindrance or a boost…the best you can do is play with what you have to where you want to go in life.

4 months ago if you would have told me I would have decided who I’d spend the rest of my life with…I would have told you that the world would be flung from its orbit and a plague of locust shall devour the Earth should that happen.

Surprisingly…we’re all still alive.

Sometimes it pays to be wrong doesn’t it?

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