They’re Alive…Alive!!

Are our gadgets alive? I mean…seriously…has anyone noticed whether or not any machine or gadget that they frequently own and use begin to develop a personality of their own? I don’t know about you…I know my Sarah has her own version of PMS at least once a month. I know my handphone has its way of being irritable at times. I know my friend’s car and several of my friend’s PC’s have mood swings as well.

Everytime at least once a month, she gets temperamental. I have no idea why…what’s worse is that it just goes away by itself. That baffles me even more. She reacts to people around her being agitated. I swear to you I’m not lying. Sarah when playing music would actually try and play the songs that she knows the person likes when the other person is restless or agitated. Hell…it was playing ALL my favourite songs…in consecutive order today while I was trying to finish my assignment. Considering the amount of random songs I play…that’s freaky indeed.

Wait wait…it doesn’t stop there. You disrespect her in any way. Whether you misuse her or hit her or anything. If she has a chance to pay back…she will. She crashed my friend’s lab report because she accidentally knocked her with one heavy book earlier on. I like to make a serious note that in all my time using Words on her…she has NEVER EVER crashed on me. So that being the first…was freaky.

Then there is the handphone…which I think feels neglected in all this. Aww…poor handphone. Of course I never named my handphone…never would I think of naming my handphone (I think it feels insuted by now). Lately it seems to be all slow and groggy…how ironic…these past couple of days, I’VE been slow and groggy.

I’m beginning to think that like the pets we have, for some reason…the longer you have a personal attachment to your gadgets, the more thay begin to emmulate your every move and feelings. Yes…feelings. Gadgets that CAN feel and react to your feeling. Gee whiz…who’d have known. Screw the robot butlers we’ve been promised in George Orwell’s “1984“. We got inanimate objects that feel already. They are alive and they are beginning to show it. It’s like Toy Story…just less cuter.

So the next time your system acts up on you in the worse possible moment. Take time to think…when’s the last time you showed your appreciation for it? When’s the last time you hugged and kissed it? When’s the last time you really took care of it? Makes you think twice of saying that it’s just useless peice of junk doesn’t it?

What’s scary is…alot of you are dependant on them.

What if they suddenly decide to turn on you now…

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