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War on Blogging? Picking Sides? Fight for the stand on freedom of press? I’m sorry if it’s going to sound mean or insulting when I say I give as much hoot as I do to keeping my shoes nice and shiny. On one hand it’s important for a meticulous person like me…on the other…it’s just not really that high priority and I do when absolutely necessary.

In short, I don’t really care about it right now.

If anyone knows me well enough, they would know that I try and stay as far away from clashes like this as possible. I’m not saying I’m running away from “the greater good”, it’s just that when you boil it down to the core essance…you’re just trying to justify ideals. principles and beliefs. That war has already been going on already. This is just another form of it. Chances are you’ve already seen it before.

Chances are…you’ll see it again.

Conflicts like this don’t fade away for as long as we’re human. That much I can say.

Fine…I’m a big fan of freedom of speech and all. I like the idea of my personal freedom to say what I want…hence my blog as well. I totally support that point. But seriously…trying to remake a instituition is going to take more than courts, good writing and the power of the media. Sometimes it’s just a big waste of time when you don’t hit the root of the problem.

As Najah put it. We have to think. Every single one of us. Think not because it’s right or wrong, not becuse it’s a belief or an idea. Not for pride or dignity of the individual or the whole.

But think for yourselves.

Think what is it EACH and EVERY one of you want in your life?

Ask yourselves is this something you want to see? Ask yourself how relevent is this to your life. Don’t listen to anything people say. Ask it for yourself. Build your own convictions. Stand for what you yourself truly believe in…not for what someone else says or does.

But for what you yourself are willing to do.

All the way.

Saying one is right or wrong, good or bad isn’t going to cut it when you too are not willing to take the brunt of the responsibility as well. It’s like choosing a politician for office and then blaming him when things go wrong. We choose to do something because we know we can uphold it to the best of our capabilities. No offense to my own country…but chances are…given that nothing serious happens…in 2 months and very few would even remember it unless they are reminded.

That’s how convicted our country is to the so called “important” issues.

I don’t know. Politics…isn’t my greatest forte. Plays on this scale for me is rarely one I would do so publically. I’m a soldier at heart and as a soldier I defend my cause as best to my abilities. I do not put my personal feelings ahead of the cause because that makes you zealot…and zealots are rarely sane.

Zealots rarely have much credibility anyway.

I don’t know.

I’m just going to say this. To anyone who bothered to read this blog involved or who wants to involve themselves in anyway in this Fight for Freedom of Press.

Think from your head. Try and think from you head…never your heart. Wars of any kind are won through sheer will, determination and conviction yes…but rarely by struck by the heart.

That hammer to the nail belongs to your own thought.

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