Time’s Enemy…

It’s done. It’s all done. All the assignments. All the labs. All the reports. It’s all done…and guess what. The net came on for 6 hours which gave me time to blog about it yesterday and had to go poof again the same time I finished the last of my lab reports.

I would laugh if was funny.

But this is getting a bit old.

So as the time ticks and the minutes past. The finals and the end of the semester draws ever so near. Somewhere along the line, I would have felt eager to get back home as fast as I can because well…there was something to go back to. I always wanted to leave the place I lived to start anew in a place where I could show for something in my life. But I guess as always when wishes do come true. It’s not all that’s cracked up to be.

Definitely isn’t any good.

Nothing is gained without sacrificing something of equal value.

Do I have something to come back to? I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m welcomed to be back or I’m just setting myself up for a huge catastrophic heartache the moment I set foot back home. All things considered, I don’t know that part of my future for the time being. It’s a grey area in my life I haven’t considered to its full potential.

Which…could be a bad thing.

I know I’m supposed to keep busy over the course of the weeks I’m back. I know I’m going to try work on my abysmal social life when I come back. I know I’ve got things planned. I know I have things to do…but there is still something called putting it into effect. The entire end result on whether not my holidays will be a disaster depends entirely on my ability to function without feeling…bad.

Which is common sense really.

After all if I feel bad…that is bad.


Anyway. I don’t know. Would you go out with me for lunch? Or a movie? Or just meet up with the rest of us and crap around like nothing matters. Would you help me get something up? Get something down? Accomplish something hard? Finish what was started?

Would there be something worth going back for?

Would there be something worth looking foward to?

Well…we’ll just have to see after the 27th won’t we.

We’ll just have to see.

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