To Love And To Hold…

How much is love to you? How far are you willing to push the envelope of love? How much of a person are you truly willing to love? Or as the classic song goes…how deep is your love?

How deep is it indeed?

Yesterday a friend of mind asked me a question. If you found out that the person you love is a monster, would you still love them? It’s quite the test of finding out how far your love goes isn’t it? On one hand…if you loved a person for the what they do, then wouldn’t that mean that if you found an action that you didn’t agree to…a monstrosity…wouldn’t you find it hard to live with it? Wouldn’t it put a strain on that relationship?

On the other hand, would it really make difference in knowing that the person you love was a monster, is a monster or capable of being a monster? Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard if you know what he did or was capable of doing. But if there was any consolation…if the relationship was true from the start. You would already know that part of their monstrosity. Think about it…what makes us monsters in the eyes of society?

But the things we have done.

It’s not the traits that we posses. In the last blog, I said that Hannibal Lecter was prosecuted as a monster for what he did…not whatever traits he had. So if this is true…then really…would it make a difference to know whether or not your significant other is unaccepted in the eyes of the world? If you truly love them for all that they are…the whole package from the moment you understood who they are, not what they are.

Then discovering what they can do or did makes no difference at all.

I don’t think it would matter to me to attempt to change the person I love because society doesn’t like them. What’s done is done…I can’t change the past nor am I in any position to cast stones in that direction. It doesn’t matter that she has the potential to get away with murder. It doesn’t matter that she can devour me whole.

It just matters that I love the person she is.

It just matters that she accepts me for the monster that I am.

It just matters that you know what love means to you.

That’s all there is to it.

One thought on “To Love And To Hold…

  1. If you love someone deep enough yes you will accept whatever he or she is. But hopefully it is not tolerance for if it is, it will burst in the end.

    However, is there really true love?? It is hard to come by

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