To The Movies…

It’s no secret that I’m a movie buff. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I can’t go a week without watching a movie. Whether it’s something new in the cinema, something I just downloaded or even something I bought. Movies and shows were the defining element of my time. They were the ones that insipred me to reach for a great many things. Movies taught me one thing really.

Nothing is impossible.

Of course naysayers may go on and on about how movies are fictional and books are so much better. Yeah…books are better, no doubt about it. But no urban/sub-urban child of the late 20th century is going to claim that something on big screen didn’t at least move them in some way. Yeah I remember the first movie I watched as a kid.

Star Wars.

Yeah…I think that was the first movie I ever watched. Not the new fangled Episode 1 and 2 mind you. This was PRE-digital. Back then Lucasarts was fiddling around with really low budget science fiction. I really can’t remember though…most of my memories of movies was tainted by the fact my cousins kept forcing me to watch Night of the Living Dead and so many other zombie movies.

That would explain why I’m afraid of the dark.

Still after watching so many movies, especially the ones that came out in the 80’s. You kinda get the idea that:

1. Good always triumphs over evil.
2. Evil is always stupid.
3. Good is untouchable.

No doubt about it by now, anyone of us would have realised that this isn’t always true. Evil seems to have the upper hand. Evil is always smarter or more resourceful and Good always seems to get its fanny whacked everytime. No wonder life today is a big let down for kids of that generation. We’ve all been brainwashed by movies depicting a bunch of baloney.

Still…I grew up with the idea that every story has an underlying lesson to it. No matter how obscure or how cliched it may be, every movie has at least one thing good to offer in it. That’s how I got to that conclusion in the first place. No matter what the movie or how it went. It wouldn’t matter if you were good or evil. it would just seem like both sides fought for what they believed in. Both sides would do everything in their power to see to it that what they were working for came through.

That was my lesson.

Anything is possible. If you go the distance. Anything is possible.

Surprisingly enough…it’s one of those lessons that worked. Worked through all these years. It worked and it has never failed me one bit.

Who said movies don’t do you any good?

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