To The Stars…

I was watching Gattaca for the 9th time I think today. It’s one of my favourite movies. One of those shows that really makes you think about life itself. Not surprising too…the world which Gattaca is set in…isn’t unlike the world which I see the future to be. After all…that kind of future it’s what I will do. It’s people like me that could help to create that future. It’s not a matter of whether it will come true or not.

It’s just a matter of when.

But the real reason why I love the movie is because of the one the one message behind it. We have the power to shape our own destiny. The movie is as simple as that. Imagine a world where your genes determine your future. Imagine a world where you are discriminated because you weren’t born perfect. Imagine a world where your parents didn’t have enough money to give you the perfect set of genes. Imagine living in that world.

Now imagine yourself wanting something only those elite few can have. Imagine yourself willing to do anything to achieve your dreams despite the odds. Something you would be willing to sacrifice even your very social identity to be all you are. That’ what I look up to. That’s what I personally live for.

It’s the determination to suceed.

We live in a world not unlike that of Gattaca. We build assumptions of our abilities based on what the society sees us as. Many of us would never realise our full potential simply because we were never told we could do it. We were never encouraged to push the limits of our abilities to find out exactly who we are and what we are made off. So how do any of us really know what we can do?

How many of us are driven…really driven to do everything they humanly can to get to where they want to be? Ok so I know little people…but from what I know…none really. No one I know has that amount of determination to really start pushing limits. To start going beyond what society says what they can or cannot do. Everyone I do know has their limits and sincerely believes that they cannot go further than that.

Not even I can truly escape that.

I try…I try so hard to break it. If I have to tear the fabric of time to push the my limits to the fullest I would. I just don’t want to be a survivor anymore. I want to live this life in my own hands. Where my destiny is mine to determine alone. That’s something no one can tell me what I can or cannot do.

No one.

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