To Win Her Back…

It’s one thing when you recieve a letter from the love of your life telling you that you still know her the best. It’s one thing to hear an echo of the words she wrote in her mind saying no one else…no one closest to her knows her well enough except you. It’s one thing to know she still reminisce about some of the most memorable times that you were together.

It’s one thing to know she still keeps the things you shared closest to her.

It’s another to know she wants you to win her back.

To win her back.

You know…when someone breaks up with you. You’d expect to just move on and be happy. God knows how many of you told me to move on and get a life away from her. Stop thinking about her. Bla bla bla. Well…all I can say is this. If you had a reason to want someone that has nothing to do with love.

Would you still want them back?

I know that why some of you don’t understand me.

So many us have grown to say there is no need for the word why in love. Why do you love someone? Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Why do you want to hurt yourself over and over again because you want to be with them? I know I have reasons to stay. So I can’t blame those of you who move on because you don’t have a reason and purpose to stay.

It’s just the way it is.

It’s the same with life.

I’m starting to think my life IS like the many stories and movies that I’ve watched over the years. Which is stupid because I’m supposed to be attached to this harsh reality…but if reality wants my life to be the classic love story. Hell…who am I to argue. It would make my life much easier either way.

Why do you want her back?

Because she was willing to stand by your side and listen when no one else would. Because she understands you more than anyone closest to you would ever try to. Because she brings out the best and the worst in yourself and inspires you to be better than you could ever be on your own.

Because she gives you the slice of peace that no one else could give. Because you know you are the only one who can give her peace. Because you understand her as much as she understands you. Because you’re the only one who loves her darkness as much as she loves yours.

Would that justify her being my soulmate? I don’t know. She’s the first soulmate I’ve ever had. Though…I think the rule somewhere states that you’re supposed to have only one soulmate.

So after all the pain she put me through. After all the blood spilt on my side. What do I do?

I call her a stubborn pig and smile, telling her to take care of herself and that I love her.

It’s going to be an interesting 3 months for both of us.

Very interesting indeed.

4 thoughts on “To Win Her Back…

  1. I am the same way but there was nothing wrong with our relationship only the distance. I’m 16 and i don’t care about anything else but her. I’m unhappy with where i am and i’m leaving home to be nearer cause she knows and i know it will work if we’re closer. this article helped me on how to make her come back and help me move cause i want her help. She wants it but she just wont admit it. I know she wants it cause she said it. Anyone out there wanting to talk to me leave a comment and i’ll be coming back to see.

  2. My gf just broke up with me with the excuse that she doesnt love me, that she tried real hard but didnt really work out 4 her. I hadnt noticed this b4, but now I do, bcoz I realize that her occassional (but frequent) distance towards me was due to this, OTOH I really know that there were times she really felt happy to be with me, and she went to bed being happy. I think I clinged to her too much, and she got tired of me thinking about her too much. Now I am left with a situation where she does not want me but will miss me also.I just want to make it work so bad, coz I really care 4 her a lot, and I wanna make her happy.

    Any suggestions???

  3. Yeah, breakups can be hard man. It may sound counter intuitive, but giving her attention and telling her you love her usually never work. In fact, the opposite does.

    You have to show her that you can live happily without her, especially if she was the one to break up with you. Jealousy can be a pretty powerful thing. Politically correct? no. But it works.

    Go date around, forget about her and all of a sudden she’ll be calling you wanting to know what you’re up to. It’s human nature to want what we cannot have.

    In any case, I hope everything worked out between you guys.


  4. Just found this page and thought it identified with everything im trying to deal with at the moment.

    My girlfriend of two years just broke up with me a few weeks ago. Im 23 and shes 19 but ive felt (we felt) that we were soulmates ever since i met her. Shes overseas working and since August we had been doing long distance. It was tough as hell, but I went over to visit her for all of November and it made it all worth it. It proved to me that we could beat the distance and still be perfect for each other.

    Then, just after Christmas she told me it wasnt working anymore and she couldnt do long distance. She said she wasnt strong enough, she said she needed to learn how to be happy by herself as when I left to come home she was shattered and it was affecting her work. She said she loved me but isnt IN love with me anymore. I dont believe it though.

    I fought like hell the next few days. I didnt understand – and I still dont. I just feel like theres nothing I can actually do to change her mind, at least until she comes back (if she does) in August. Ive tried to respect her wishes and have left her alone.

    Then, two nights ago she IM’d me saying the previous night shed had to force herself not to call me. She wanted to call me and talk because she missed me and Im the only one who knows her. I told her, welcome to my world – ive been forcing myself not to talk to her for the last 2 weeks.

    I dont know what to do, im so confused. I know we’re both young (23 and 19), but I love this girl, and I know (*think*) she still loves me too. I would fly over in a milisecond if there was some indication that would fix this, because its killing me. The only reason I havent already is just out of respect for her decision – and, I guess the fear of turning up and her saying no.

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