Toss Me A Pretty Penny…

I knew I couldn’t escape from all this. Fine fine…you win. I’ll give my pennies worth of thoughts on our upcoming elections. You know what…here is my thought. I do not give a rats ass about all the campaigning and all the hoohah that has been and will go on until 20th of March. In fact…I was disecting a rat yesterday for a lab experiment and I gave that rats ass MORE care than I am giving to the elections.

Why? Because it makes NO sense whatsoever. Everything that is to be said has been said before. Everything that is to be done has been done before. Unless you’re talking about a Malay leader that is SO revolutionary that he gives the people a chance to bridge the gaps between TRUE progress (which actually involves thinking OUTSIDE the cultural box) and the mainstream thought. There is NO way in hell anything is going to change. More likely than not you’re going to make things worse if you don’t.

The people (generally my race) will grow MORE parochial and xenophobic. All better aspects of the so-called western culture will be twisted and the bad ones taken by the mindless putty of our youths…giving any political party a chance to say “AHA!! I told you so!!“, then have the people put THEM in power instead.

You know what…I say again. I do not give a damn about it all.

Everytime people mistake me for a chinese I feel much better than people knowing I’m a pure blood Bumiputra. Everytime I get away with the freedom to believe and think what I want, I feel better than clogging myself down to what my own race is supposed to do. I couldn’t live both worlds because my own race shunned me because of who I am and other races shunned me for what I am. So if people say I don’t understand the discrimination of your blood…I ask them this…do you understand what it means to be discriminated for the way you think? Which do you think would be worse?

I took the road less travelled in life. I chose to be a minority because I went to TARC. I chose to enter a private University because I get to study abroad and compete with the best on equal terms. I did not choose to be eastern or western…but to be a person of the world, with the best (and maybe some worst) qualities of both sides. I chose the only race I could fit in…I chose not to be malay or pretend to be chinese or any other race…no other race except the HUMAN race.

As long as there are enough constituitions that people are not visibly surpressed and will eventually overthrow the goverment. I don’t care about the political system here. Why? Because like Fredrick Neitzche said…”Politics is the prostituition of intellect“. I for one am NOT going to be a pawn or be swept away in the tide of stupidity. So if I ever get a chance to vote. I’ll do my duty and be a good citizen and I’ll vote based on what I know…not what they claim to say.

We complain about the goverment yes…but don’t forget WE are part of that goverment. We put them there in the first place. If we vote for them or do nothing to stop them from being there…why should we complain in the first place? That’s why I stopped doing so. When enough people realise that elections mean the right to CHOOSE not some FAD people cook up every 4 years, then I’ll begin to take it seriously.

There…my pennies worth of thoughts. I made my choice to turn a blind eye against all this…because for what? Put yourself under the misery of it all? No way…I choose to be content with what I have. All I can do is control what I can control. If I can’t do anything else…don’t try. Just be who I am and align myself with the road I’ve chosen.

In the end…that’s all that matters does it not? Your life?

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