Turn Around & Walk Backwards…

Life is just full of ironies isn’t it? It teases and tempts us with a great many things, but yet somehow manages to places us in a position where it’s just out of reach but in plain sight. It’s just so aggravating at times to have something so perfect in your grasp and never be able to taste it in all its glory.

Today my friend made me see the consequence of choices you never meant to make. Consequence that can so change a person’s life forever. All because you lost focus as a friend and as a person who has responsibilities. That consequence robbed my friend of a choice to keep some part of herself. To keep some part of her innocence. Of course it gave her a chance to be happy. But at what price?

This is one of those life lessons that will always remind me that life isn’t just game of chess where the pieces are there for the placing. It’s where the pieces move on their own accord and have their own destiny to govern that is just as important as the King himself. When you stop giving a damn for those pieces, you leave them to the mercy of the enemy. If they are strong…they will survive, if they weak, they will perish.

But strong or not, no one should ever be left by their friend like that. It makes me wonder alot of things. If I didn’t do what I did would she have played out her part as she did? If I wasn’t so stubborn, would she be placed in the position she is at now? We may be talking and sharing now, but…no…what’s done is done as she keeps telling me. I know can’t change the past…but I sure can beat myself up for what I did, at least to remind myself of the consequence of such actions.

Can’t blame a person for trying to wish the past could be changed. But we all have to live with the responsibility of what we did and what others did through us. I guess…that’s what it means by being an adult.

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