Vigorous Ups And Downs…

It’s the underlying temptation of our youth. It’s what gets some of us going in the morning. It’s the thing a few of us feel absolutely comfortable to talk about. It can be the single greatest thing a person can experience in this life…but it’s also the harbinger of the worst things that can happen to a person.

You guessed it. It’s sex.

Yeah…for some reason throughout the course of these few weeks, its sort of been the theme going on lately. It’s like everyone I know from childhood friends to initially complete strangers have been…well…have been doing the wicked dance (yes…that is my euphemism for sex). Anyway…it’s not like I’m being a prude here. Seriously I’m not…but it just feels weird to me at least when you still have the image of climbing trees with your childhood friend in your mind and she tells you of her sex life.

It’s hard to put two and two together (no pun intended).

I’m no virgin myself anyway. Sex to me is…addictive. It’s…hell…I knew about the damn thing when I was 7 anyway. It’s engraved in my mind how good it’s supposed to be. How the sweet scent of a person’s body just enraptures you. How even the slightest caress can mean so much. How the closest embrace can mean the difference between a good orgasm and an explosive one.

Screw what you see (still no pun intended)…sex is about what you touch, taste, smell and hear.

It’s…bliss that’s all.

I don’t know why many people make a big fuss about it. It just spoils the whole idea of sex for people. Of course I’m surprised when people I know who barely know each other have sex at the spur of the moment. Who wouldn’t? It doesn’t mean its wrong. It’s…just fun to hear that’s all. I can grin my head off hearing other people’s stories of it because…well…it’s nice to hear. I mean what is SO wrong when two responsible consentiing people and I’m not just talking adults get to it and runt like weasels. It’s like for that briefest moment…

There IS a happy ending.

But then again…it kinda hits you that the people you know that got laid. Most of them ARE responsible people…or at least people who in my mind are people that should have a good life. The sad truth is…as good as sex is…alot of people aren’t really ready for it. It’s just that…it all starts with knowing what sex is all about. Starting from the seductive flirt to the longing climax. The good and the bad. The rights and the wrongs. If people start to get the wrong idea about it in the first place…you’re going to get what we already have now, the corruption of something good and decent.

I just don’t want sex to be something less than what it means. An expression of affection, love or even comfort to those that get down to it. Sex is supposed to be something close and intimate – a physical expression of the mind – and I want it to stay that way.

The bottom line is this.

Sex is good.

Just be good about it too.

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