War That Is Life

Is life one big war? Are we all soldiers fighting an eternal battle where victory means that we will achieve contentment in life? If we succeed, would we even know it? We’ve been fighting this war for so long that we’ve forgotten what we’re fighting for. We’ve forgotten what it means to rely back to back on the friends we trust. We’ve forgotten what it means to be in the arms of the person we love or to hold the hand and watch our legacy grow up. We take this war for granted so much so that we’re tearing ourselves up time after time because we forgot we’re actually not fighting to survive…we’re fighting to LIVE.

Why am I saying this? Call me a little pessimistic, cynical even…but that’s what life does to you. You start out carefree and innocent, then you get enlisted to fight for your existance and it turns you into someone who can’t see anything but the suffering we create in our own world. But that’s where I consider myself lucky, as cynical as I have become…how many people actually do find some solice in this war? To still see some small hint of beauty and grace in a world built on uncertainty and self imposed misery.

We are soldiers alright…born into a world where we fight to live. We meant to die to ensure that our future is better than we are now. But we can’t do that if 3/4 of the world gets so worked up over what they cannot change. Buddha said that the one certianty in life is that we all suffer. Well…I say this, if we all suffer…no one said we can’t turn it into our advantage. I’m not going all masochistic or sadistic on people…just that there is a reason why we suffer. If not to grow stronger for the future we’re meant to build then what? I mean in the military we push recruits to the limit to make them faster, stronger and better than they were. Why not life?

As teens we all complain life sucks and what not. Did anyone not notice maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be? To make us better and strenger if we can overcome it? Seems pretty logical to me. So I say screw it all…so life is miserable, but I see what is suppsoed to be there, the only beauty and grace that all this suffering gives us. Hope. Hope that by surviving through basic training, I can at least have a chance to make a better difference for not just my future…but for friends I fight side by side, for the loved ones I hold on to and for the children who are our future.

Isn’t that worth fighting for…isn’t that dying for?

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