What Have You Been Smoking…?

Good times, great times. When you look back at them. All you see the past.You know whoever said pain you experienced is all the past never counted on the fact that joy too…will always be in the past.

Pardon me if I’m spilling out things that are incoherent. I’m drunk.

Drunk on what you say? I don’t even drink.

But what is being drunk? People get drunk on alot of things. Alcohol for the most part. Love is a good reason to be drunk on. Then there is my personal favourite…power. Power is a nice thing to be drunk on, feel the glow and be giddy about it…:) Then there is adrenaline. Yeah…now that’s something good. But it’s more than being drunk…its…well…it’s like being drunk on power…but better.

Look…a pink blanket…weee…

Got so much to clean…so much to clean…so much to…water? The plants are not dead yet. They’ll live. It’s been raining. Rain is good. Rain goes splish spash on a warm muddy puddle. Poodles get very dirty in a puddle. Do you own a poodle?

Doesn’t matter anyway…poodles are pink. Pink again…what’s with pink. Pink panther? Panthers are supposed to be black. Ahh…black. Black is good. Good against evil. Evil is bad. Bad…bad headache. People get headache when they have a hangover. Hangover comes when people are drunk. Drunk…drunk…why do people get drunk again?

Oh wait…that was what I answered the first time. I don’t know. Am I drunk? Drunk on what? I don’t…oh wait…said that too. I don’t know…everything is kinda blur…maybe I’ll ask that person nearby. Is that a person? Wait…that’s pink panther. I don’t know…

What do you think? Will I get a headache after this? I don’t know either. What am I drunk on? I don’t know. Am I really drunk? Maybe. But who knows…maybe I am coherent. Maybe there is a message somewhere. Somewhere…where? I don’t know. Drunk people don’t usually remember where is where.

When am I drunk? Maybe always.

Who knows…I do I do…

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