What I’m On Really…

Vacation – Leisure time away from work; devoted to rest or pleasure

Now that’s the definition of vacation. Now how is it that I have to drag myself out of the house against my own will again? I mean isn’t there some rules against not being able to loaf around at home? Come on…read the definition. I’m on VACATION. I have the right to choose to be a jelly and just mold myself to the bed…or have the bed mold to me…well…something like that…you get the point.

Anyway…the upside to today is that:

1. I finally cooked a decent dinner worth my time.
2. I moved to my own room away from my cousins.

I know I know…I’m pampered when it comes to cooking food. But come on…any house will at least have SOME form of spices or herbs. Hell…if you don’t have that…at last have some stock ok? Can’t cook a good dish without stock, chicken or otherwise. Ok…so I’m used to fancy cooking…but hey it proves one thing today. What I don’t have…I get it myself. Cooked my special brand of pasta anyway. It might not have all the fancy herbs…but in a pinch…canned substitutes will do. I just hope this stomach ache isn’t cause of my cooking. Now that would be bad…or just indigestion.

As for my own room, my own access to the telephone line. Yeah…home away from home. My own real bed finally and I’m blogging on it. No cousins, no need to use my headphones at night, no need to be roused early cause I’m blocking my cousin’s way. Hopefully this will get me into the spirit of vacation. Peace and quiet…at least until I get out of the room. But…I can play it cool anyway. It’s a school day for most of my cousins anyway.

But something is missing though…I think I know what’s missing. But no way I can get what I want here. Gee…I’m supposed to be relaxing myself. I got to stop thinking so much. But I’m itching ok? I’m restless. Maybe it’s the city slicker in me. Maybe it’s the tech withdrawal. Maybe it’s the environment. Probably the environment…I’m just not used to having out on so many things. At least I know when I go to Australia, I’d bring all that I need…maybe not what I want…but what I need is enough. Here…I’m missing some things really.

I need to close my eyes and for one day not do anything. Gee…I wonder if there is really a vacation away from a vacation.

Go figure…

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