What Love Could Do…

What qualities define love? What are the traits and characteristics that a loving relationship has to possess in order to be something that holds true…something that can endure the ages, if not eternity. What is the hardest price to pay to be with person you love for the rest of your life?

How far would you go the person you love?

We all got our prices on love, we all got our distance to go for the people we care for. In most cases, saying it is indeed very very different than doing it in the first place. For instance…how many of us have said we would die for the person we love? Raise your hands anyone? Yeah…we have all said that in at least one point in our relationships. Now…raise your hands for those of you that actually got a chance to prove it in the first place?


Well…technically people who did prove it would probably be dead by now, but the point is…there is a very very small fraction of us that would be willing to do just that. We don’t hear that part often in our cynical and jaded world. It’s a trait that’s reserved for the people I mentioned off in a previous post. It’s something that only true romantics are willing to go through for…and that in our world is not often believed.

Of all the qualities that loving relationship has, trust, devotion, communication, compassion, compromise and sacrifice. I find sacrifice to be the hardest to follow through. Sacrifice is closely related to trust…trust that the person you love will be there to hold you when you decide to fall…when you decide to let go of the things you hold on most dearly.

I know honey…I hope you understand that I’m trying my best. I hope you trust me to follow it through. It’s hard to be so far and only but watch from a distance. It’s hard not to feel useless when you need a shoulder to lean on. It’s hard not to feel lost when I can’t see you smile from the things I give you. It’s hard when you find some small comfort in another person. But of all things…to know I can hold on to you would be to let go of of the things that make you worry.

I would be willing to do it for eternity.

It’s not easy…it never is. But then…love won’t be worth every bit of sweat and blood if it was easy to walk past. How else can anyone appreciate what they have if they didn’t die a few times to get it? I know in the end we’ll get there honey. I know while other people may be trying…I know I have what they don’t…your love. If that means cutting down on a sin…then what’s a small price like that compared to attaining something a few people reach in their lifetimes?

The promise of forever.

I’ll smile honey. I know I will…only to know in the end it’s all worth. Only to know in the end it doesn’t matter. I’ve done what I can with who I am and what I’ve got. The rest is up for you to understand.

The rest is for a future to tell.

And forever to live by.

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