What The %^&$$#…!!!

This is what I hate about life. This is what I seriously hate about life. One minute you have so much expectation about the things you’re going to do, then at the last minute it’s taken out from right under you. At this rate I’m not running for the council election…why? Cause my supposed partner pulled out last minute…citing insecurities in her ability to fully commit if we win.

It was a bloody dumb reason. Seriously bloody dumb. But I can’t blame her for not running. Anyone in her position would be freaked out if you’re new and your suddenly placed in a position where you’re in charge of the entire student body of your University-College. What makes it more hurtful is that the other people knew that we will not be running…so much so that they did not bother to start campaigning. Makes the disappointment sting badly…like rubbing salt into wound.

I don’t know now…I’ve still got half a mind to quit the council. It’s either I set myself out to change it and delegate work to people or I avoid being overworked to death like the last semester. Just doesn’t feel any less disappointing that life seems to always give something right up your nose then take it away. But…as anyone would put it, life does indeed go on. All I can do is make do with what I have and maybe…just maybe…this is one of those things in whereby a bad turns out to be a good.

My good friend is leaving for Australia on the 6th of Febuary. I’m sure going to miss having him around, its just that these past few weeks, I’ve been talking to him more often (ironically because I needed his help on council business). I’ll try to get him something before he leaves….something to nice for a brother I never had. Gee…I wonder how does mashimaro in a graduation outfit sound…? It’s scary to me…but heck…I can’t think of anything.

At least this will keep my mind off the nasty election business. Just got to keep moving on one step at a time…now…what should I buy?

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