What The Hell Is Fasting…

I guess it’s about time I talk about fasting month or really as it is known around here as the month of Ramadan. Which is weird really because you all know me for being one of the LEAST religious person on the face of the planet with a reason. So for me to start telling people I fast.

Well…that has turned a fair share of heads.

But yeah…I do fast. I do hold back on eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset without any complaints aside from the fact I have to wake up early in the morning to gulp down 5 glasses of water…which would cause me to run to the toilet all the time an hour later. Right…and to think I have to do this everyday for one month out of the year.

Why do I even do it anyway?

Hell…I don’t even pray let alone abide by the rules that make up the religion I’m supposed to be in.

I don’t know. To many people who don’t do it anyway. Fasting for a month can sound really harsh. Considering the fact not many people know the rules behind it anyway. It does sound harsh. So for the people who haven’t the slightest clue on fasting. Here are the common misconceptions I have had to explain to people who have never heard of such a thing before.

1. You don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for one particular month in the Islamic Calender.

2. You do NOT fast for 30 days straight without eating anything. That’s just stupid and suicidal.

3. There are rules of exception whereby you’re allowed to not fast provided you pay back the fast later. It’s not THAT harsh.

4. You CAN eat and drink more than your fair share when you break fast in the evening and before sunrise.

5. We CAN swim during fasting month. Anyone else who avoids it is just giving excuses.

6. You’re supposed to be up and doing something for more than half the time you’re fasting to make it worthwhile. You can’t sleep the whole day off.

7. We do NOT spit all the time. We can perfectly swollow our own saliva.

Well…that’s all I can think of anyway. I know there is something else at the back of my mind, but I can’t remember.

So why do I fast anyway? So many times I’ve been asked what’s the point because I break every rule that’s well known in my religion. It’s simple really. Because it’s the only thing to do that makes perfect sense on an overall scale.

First of all. It’s a good body clensing manuever. Most people goof it up by not drinking enough water. I don’t. I actually drink MORE water and east less food during fasting month. So…all that bad stuff inside will all be flushed out anyway.

Second. It’s great way to train willpower and determination. I have reached the point where it has been my hobby to follow my friends to lunch without actually eating JUST to watch them feel guilty. I don’t feel hungry and any more thirsty watching them eat or drink because well…it just doesn’t kick in for me. I pity the people who have to actually avoid all these places because they can’t stand the sight of other people eating.

So there we have it.

The reasons in my book why I fast and why I push myself to limits everytime to fast. I play games, I accompany people for lunch, I break fast later than usual when I have other things to do and I even fast when I’m sick. I just do my own thing everyday. I just don’t eat or drink anything from dawn to dusk.

It’s just that easy in the end.

It’s just a frame of mind and knowing the reasons why I do things.

It’s always for a purpose.

Never anything else put the purpose.

Too bad alot of things in life don’t follow that same road of reason.

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