What To Resolve…

Man have I been listening to so many instrumental pieces over the past week. From Riverdance to Lord of the Rings to Children of Dune, I think I’m going all touchy feely recently. I don’t know…I guess when you boil it down…its all about the characters with that are going to hardship in order to get to the other side. I can just close my eyes and feel what they are feeling, the pain of sacrifice and the joy of success…all bound within the music which they radiate to. Its not hard to sympathise to their plight. To wish you could be there and dance to their tune.

Well…nevermind that. Yesterday it was all about my Christmas Wish List. Now comes one of the most important list of all. The New Years Resolution List…which is funny though cause I don’t remember actually making one LAST year. Did I? I don’t know…I guess I spent so much time living my life this year day by day, I didn’t have any set goals to accomplish. Or was my living day by day part of my Resolution….? Well…at least I know what one of my Resolution will be this year…try not to be so forgetful. But I think I’ll get the complete list done by Monday.

I’ve decided to spend most of my holidays reading. Yes yes, it’s a hobby for me, but I got to catch up on my reading. A little Jung here and Nietzche there and large doses of Dune and Anita Blake. I just realised that there is so much Philosophy tied into Dune that I completely missed it altogether. Must get it all out…no harm using a little more philosophical ideals for your life right?

Here is one analogy I’ve been using alot these days. Life is like vast ocean of possibilities. We can either float under the surface, resigning ourselves to the where ever the currents and tides take us. Or we can choose to ride above the currents, to skim and surf the waves, using each and every flow, every movement around us to take us where we want.

Each choice however has a certain amount of destiny to accept…to pay the price and reek the rewards of our choice of action. But such is the balance of life. We cannot escape concenquence of choice or lack of choice, either we deal with what we have…or resign to it. As they say…the cards are in our hand…its time to deal…

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