What We Spend On Love

How many of us have ever experienced what it’s like to be in love. Dumb question huh? With exception of a small small minority of the human race, practically everyone has been in love some time or another. It’s a human quality…love. Comes in many different forms and exists on many different levels, so much so that it’s limitless and eternal. Now what happens when we have to juggle love with other aspects of our lives? Work or the rest of our social life for that matter? Anyone else experienced those problems before?

Take Matrix: Reloaded for instance, Neo had to choose between the freedom of the human race and the person he loves. How may people can actually think clearly in that kinda situation. Hell…how many of us are actually put in that kinda position? Freedom of the human race and love. Gee…I guess an individual on his level has to have those decisions, while the rest of us contend with only “How often do we spend with our friends and our loved ones?” It’s not like we can just make those decisions lightly, hell…most of us can’t even spend more time with our friends when we DO have loved ones. Often come running back when we’re broken up. How human of us.

Even I’ve got those problems. Juggling friends, projects, assignments and most especially the one I love. That itself is a timing nightmare. I just manage to get it all squeezed into one day…just barely. Most of the time I have to sacrifice alot of sleep, not to mention the fact I’m pretty much tired most of the time. How do some people seem to do it all the time? How in the world are they peddling underneath the surface? What…do they have time-turning devices like that in Harry Potter?

I guess I’ll learn in due time…always in due time. For now…I need to get some sleep. I need a fresh start for tomorrows class…God knows I need all the strength I can get.

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