What’s Cooking…?

Hmmph…some holiday this is. I completely forgot that Labuan and other parts of Sabah is like one hour earlier than KL. I was woken up by my younger cousins loud boy talk and the light shinning in my eyes. You know how it feels with a vacation right? You expect to laze around in bed till noon then get up for lunch. Anyway…I thought it was 0900 and I might as well get up anyway. How could I ever be wrong…it was 0759.

That wasn’t the end to it. I came to the slow realisation that Labuan is even more boring as it looks. I mean…seriously. I like the beach and the atmosphere and all. But…no CD stores? I needed Win98 CD to help repair my cousins laptop (even out so far I still can’t escape repairing systems), but noooo…I find no shop within this place that sells ANY software. How the hell do people on this island mantain their systems anyway? I know some of you are probably screaming “DOWNLOAD THE THING!! DOWNLOAD THE THING!!” But need I remind you…I’m on dial-up. No can do on that.

So I’m starting to form a conclusion…Labuan is only fun to be in when it’s Christmas and you’re doing the cooking…but not on normal days. Come on…any area that doesn’t have the most decent software shop isn’t worth hanging around for long especially if you’re a technogeek and you aren’t jacked into the net.

Maybe this place is only good for meditating. I mean come on…what else can you do here? Right now I’m blogging on the floor. Yup…I”m not even sitting on the bed or anything…but on the floor. My ass is numb from sitting on it for way too long and I think some bug is crawling up it. Ewww…itchy…must scratch…

But it’s only the second day. It’s probably the city slicker withdrawal syndrome. Shouldn’t last more than another day, then I’ll get used to it. Hey…I DID cook dinner today. It might not have been Christmas dinner. But cooking for a large family is way different than 3 people. For some obscure reason…I find it satisfying to see people gorge on the food I cooked. Gee…me…a homemaker…who would have known.

Oh well…one thing as a time…though I wonder what should I cook tomorrow. I wonder if that’s a good sign…

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