When I Was Your Age…

How much do you believe in karmic law? How much faith do you have in the fact that all things must come full circle in the end? That there is an eternal continuation of cause and effect that we cannot escape from? That we are always bound to its laws for as long as we exist in this plane of existance?

How much of our past will be reflected in the eyes of our children?

There are days when I sit back and smile at the fact my own kids are going to be pulling off the exact stunts I’m pulling off in front of my parents. Sometimes it just scares me that if anything…they are going to be better off than me. If anything with a dash of some spontaneous spirit, add in some vivid forsight and blend it together with a double dose of smarts and charm. They are probably a force to reckon with when they come of age. It’s scary…

So scary I’d have to smile.

Oh don’t get me wrong…I won’t let my kids get away with it. Knowing what we pulled off before…we’d catch them in the act…or even better…get them to work to our advantage. I wonder if this is the same thing our parents said to themselves before they had us. Did they have any clue that their kids would pull the a one up that would take them by the legs? I don’t know.

I’ll ask them AFTER I have kids.

In fact, I’d rather them pull it off on other people.

“Come on Seymour…you’re supposed to look curious, that way you’ll look more innocent.”

“Sandra as much of your mother’s assets that you have. Don’t use them. Go with that smile and your charm, you’ll go further that way.”

I just wonder how fast they’ll pull off a forged result slip. I can’t wait to see that one being done. Will it be just as good as us or even better? I feel like a proud parent already.

How did I ever get so old?

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