Where Is The Science?

Maybe it’s just me…but does anyone notice lately that alot of people aren’t really interested in science or science related subjects. The only science thing that hits them is when something akin to say SARS comes in and then everyone blows it all out of proportion. What happened the the saying “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing”? Doesn’t it still exist anymore? Why is it almost everyone I meet either has no science related interests at all? Ok…maybe these people are still young, but won’t that mean this is even worse? No one in this my country seems to like innovating anymore. No one here likes to take that shot to learn more than they should.

That’s what worries me, the lack of ingenuity and proactiveness. The worse thing is that when some people do things of a innovative and expanding manner, people blow it all out of proportion. The whole nation knows…wow. So what really. Does this mean we rely on them? Hell no. This means someone’s got to come up with a one up better then our predecessors. Like for instance, while we were building our buggy, there was this article in the paper saying that one of the local Universities around here built one buggy. Well…my mates and I can say one thing, that ain’t no buggy. It’s just a car without the skin. Seriously…I wish I still have the article of it. They have all the tools anyone can have and all the funding (it cost them RM11000, that’s about 2800 US dollars or so). And it’s hideously ugly. Our buggy costs us way less than that, about twice less and that’s counting all the equipment we had to buy ourselves too and that look like a real buggy alright. Not just that…they are engineering students. We’re 2 Information Technology Students and one Biotechnology student.

I might not agree with the American goverment, but by God this is why I like the yanks. Building buggies, rockets, tinkering and redesigning. That’s what puts them ahead even if we learn more in school than them. That’s what I mean. It’s part of who they are. If it isn’t loud and powerful…make it loud and powerful. Push things to the limits and break all barriers. Not us…we see no use for the things we learn. We see Bernouli’s principle and forget about it, not make a better airplane…even if it’s made of paper.

I hope people who do read this from my own country realise it isn’t about “let him or her do it”. That’s what makes us below par in the first place. It’s about what you can do about it. What you can make, you can forge with your own hands and mind. Not just the arts but what’s more important. The breaking of those barriers, the pushing of those limits. Making things better beyond anything people can imagine. That’s what we’re supposed to be fighting for.

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