Where Speed Doesn’t Kill

How sweet can it get. Having ADSL after years of moving along a primitive dial-up. I know I know…Cable and DSL users have it more, but hey…I appreciate all the speed I can get no matter how big my pipe is. The irony of the situation is, once I got my ADSL…I have nothing to do. Seriously, I drew a total blank for like hours before some of my friends pointed out what I should do. Of course, I’m limited to what I can do in the first place. Until I get my new HDD and Burner, I’m at the mercy of my limited space. So I make do like I always did with my puny 12 gig space.

Another thing about PC’s I notice is…they seem to have moods. This is WHY I never treat Sarah with any less respect than she deserves…and she deseves alot of respect. I was handling another PC today…and all a sudden it gave me this “file corrupted” message and it was unable to boot up. Half an hour later, when it is about to be fixed…the file mysteriously comes back and everything is peachy keen. I mean…if they seriously follow logic…how in the world can something disappear and reappear without us ever doing anything to it? That’s why by my conclusion…all computers are alive and have moods. One minute they can be just fine…the other minute they get cranky…and some get REALLY cranky.

The wierdest thing in all this is that sometimes all I hae to do is talk to Sarah to get her to do the things I want. I don’t know if it’s just blind coincidance, but it’s happened too many times to be just sheer coincidance. Whether connect a line or punch free of a hang. Talking to her just..well…gets her to do the things I want.

Hmmm…anyway, I’m off to see what else I can do with this line, but first thing first. Install one hell of a security system. I’m going to be online alot so might as well get cracking with security. Don’t want Sarah to catch a bad cold do we?

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