Who We Look Up To…?

When you were young, did you ever have someone to look up to? Did you have some figure in your life that you wish you were. Someone whom you could stand and watch in awe. Someone whom you could follow in their footsteps. Someone whom you even desired to be above all else.

Ever had someone like that in mind?

If I had told people who I looked up to ever since I was a little boy, I doubt I’m going to get a favourable reaction anyway. Wouldn’t you give the save kind of reaction if ever they knew it was none other than Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In fact I’d get more baffled looks of disapproval than the questions of why he is my role model in the first place.

It’s only human isn’t it?

Dr. Lecter was above all else a killer. He killed, cooked and proceeded to eat people. Even going as far as to serve the people he cooked to guests who praised his culinary skills. Most people never bothered to look past that. Most people never bother to look past anything else than the worst things we we. It’s a fallacy that has spawned some of our most heinous of prejudices.

People never see the better side of a man.

People never see the charm and charisma. People never seem to see that intelligence and cunning. People never see that culture and refinement. Just because he killed and ate a few people…none of that matters doesn’t it? If a man posseses traits that better than the common man…does it really matter if he did things society considers evil? Just because a man has all those qualities doesn’t mean he HAS be be bad.

It’s all our choice of perceptions.

Maybe that’s why of all people I have always been drawn to to Hannibal. Of all things his character understands the corruption and decadency that this society deems as a nnormal standard. He understand the the facades and faces that people wear to hide not from the world outside….but from the people who we are inside. He is a man who acts on reason and rational. Never does things unless it was meant to be done. Perceptions of canibalism aside…this is a man everyone should strive to become.

The modern renaissance man.

That is who I look up to. That is a person I would be willing to follow in the footsteps off. A person who cares not for what the world thinks, but what his actions would mean to himself. That is a person who has become my own role model for a large part of my life. With someone like that? What other qualities would I possibly look out for?

He’s just…perfect.

Goody goody…

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