Wiping It Clean…

Everytime I watch a disaster movie, there is only one thing that comes to mind. Why doesn’t that happen in our lives? Ok fine, that sounded a more than a little bit sociopathic. But I guess that maybe there is always a part of me that always wanted something seriously catastrophic to happen to the world. Ok…that STILL didn’t come out right.

Let me elaborate further.

When you watch disaster movies that show the absolute destruction on a global scale…at some point there will always show parts of human will and determination to surpass all odds. So far so good. Then it hit me…you take a good look at the world we live in today.

You take a good look at it and tell me whether we seem to be heading on a nice track. You take a nice good look and tell me if you want your children to grow up knowing the world we live in today. Take a nice good look and tell me that if you HAD a choice…would you be willing to wake up everyday to the world you see around you?

Would you?

If I had my choice then I would be willing to wipe this slate clean. I would be willing to rebuild this sorry mess we are in and start afresh. I would be willing to put ALL of humanity in danger for the sole purpose of uniting us as one race…one species to overcome whatever crap we are about to encounter.

I mean think about it. Even without looking at the movies…what drives us to work together more than a common goal? What brings out the best and worst in us than the threat of our own survival…and even more so the survival of the entire human race. It’s not hard to imagine whether or not an asteroid hurtling towards us or the coming of the second ice age is going to bring us together.

You know it’s going to.

So maybe yeah…wiping the slate clean and starting afresh isn’t a bad idea after all. We learn from our mistakes, we don’t let it happen again, we become better. Imagine a well tended garden growing from start. It’s easier to control and maintain rather than one that’s grown wild with weeds. Same goes for us. With the ammount of cesspool we have accumalated, changing our world for the better isn’t exacty the 10 most easiest things to do.

So here’s secretly hoping for a global cataclysm.

Thankfully…it is not up to me to choose isn’t it?

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