Wishful Ramblings…

Ever had that feeling of utter dread? That feeling of worry and tension that emits from the bottom of your stomach and radiates outward to your chest, shoulders and head? Of course we’ve all felt that…we’re all human right? Ok…then what about that feeling of peace and contentment? Ever felt that? Not as much as dread…but I guess we have felt it one way or another.

So what happens when you feel both at the same time? One moment you’re feeling peace, contentment and completeness. The next moment, you’re all worried, tense and nervous. And it keeps repeating itself. Gee…you can imagine…that’s hell on your body alright.

I hate to make up these choices. It’s sick…no one should have to go ahead with making these kinds of choice. How the hell are you going to choose anyway? Duty or Happiness. Which would you choose? Your responsibiities and your duty to something that will only make you miserable? Or Hakuna Matata and your own personal happiness? Right…when you come to think of it…not quite the easy choice to make isn’t it? On one hand you know anything other than what you SHOULD do is the right thing to do and the one with the less fatal concequences. On the other hand, you know it can kill you…but it means no worries for the rest of your days.

Why doesn’t life make these choices any less harder for the rest of us? It’s not like you’re giving us a multiple choice question. It’s not like I don’t have enough issues in my life already…but come on…how much more issues do you think we can handle already?

For once a clear cut sign to a way out would be a nice change. No need to weigh the odds, no need to pay the price, no need to split your head just so you can think on it. Just the clear cut light at the end of the tunnel every once in a while. Is that so much to ask? If that isn’t plausible, how bout a resting area for those of us that are too tired to keep going? Something for us to recharge our batteries till we can go on again?

If I keep this up…one of these days I’m either going to have a heart attack or a bad stroke. Hmm…come to think of it…it solves all the problems right?

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