Women Most Rare…

Women. For those of who are men (and for obvious reasons straight), we are constantly drawn to and are enchanted by them. We write haunting ode’s, poems, stories and songs in their name proclaiming their beauty, their power and their strength and their magic. We sometimes devote our entire existence worshipping the woman of our dreams in many ways from an almost religious fashion to…just plain weird.

Yet for the most part men fail to understand that beauty and grace. Most men fail in frustration to grasp the simple lines in which a woman is drawn by. Alot of men are just plain ticked of with their inability to keep up with a woman’s mind and would sooner kill themselves than try and work through it any further.

Other times the woman just does that favour for him.

I was browsing through the university library the other day and one book in particular caught my eye. Now I don’t usually judge a book by its cover, but having an almost fetish-like obsession with death and it’s many harbingers, I couldn’t possibly deny looking over a book that covered Murder Most Rare: The Female Serial Killer.

It’s a great book I can tell you that. Oddly enough…it has reaffirmed my beliefs that women are indeed the stronger sex. I mean no disrepect to women when I say that. But seriously…when you think along the lines I do. A successful serial killer has to be highly intelligent, highly resourceful, very meticulous and quite low key. A female serial killer would have to fufill all those requirements in the first place which ironically enough are the qualities I find very attractive in a woman (except for the low key bit).

No biggie there.

Now…amazingly enough female serial killers even though less well known than their male counterparts are just as or even more successful in the long run. They are able to escape prosecution for years on end without drawing attention to themselves or their actions. They range from ages of 18 to 65 years of age, from teenagers to grandmothers. So yeah…to me that’s pretty good for a gender that men have been discriminating for years.

They don’t even fit the male stereotype of the quiet loner.

They are most often bright individuals that are well known throughout the community for their care and compassion or beauty and grace. They are often underestimated and overlooked because of this and personally to pull something off like that…

All I can say is wow.

To me…it’s about that darkness that dwells within that I admire the most. Sure…men too have that darkness…but very few men have a darkness that’s untainted by crude savagery. Even most male serial killers have a certain theme which involves sexual perverseness and domination over their victims. Female serial killers too have motives that reflect their psyche, whether stemming from the need for material comfort or feeling of betrayal from all that they murdered. Very few female serial killers have a motive to completely dominate their victims in the first place.

So yeah…it’s that darkness of the soul I’m most attracted to. That graceful stride into the dark that I have come to love about women. They never cease to enchant and carress that souless void and bring out a symmetry of elegance that few people appreciate and many fear.

So yeah…it would be bad to say you’re someone who could be a serial killer. But then…it doesn’t matter whether you killed or I am your next victim, I appreciate you for who you are. Most men would write about the beauty of flesh or the miracles of deeds a woman can weave.

For you I would write about the soul who has walked into the abyss, held the face of a monster and embraced it for all that he was. Shared with it a piece of the darkness that she had.

And shaped with it a future that could walk into the light.

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