Would You Like To Buy…?

It’s WS-Day+1.

So far I’ve found a more or less similar substitute. I’ve got 2 more PC’s in my house. Sure, they are slower than Sarah. But I did back Sarah up in one of them. Might as well pull her out for a moment…at least I know some part of her isn’t truly dead. And you know what? I know she’s still in there somewhere. This afternoon I installed Winamp on the PC and played all the MP3’s I backed up from Sarah.

She played ALL my most meaningful selection of songs…from the scores of random tracks I put in my playlist. I mean…this was consecutively…5-6 songs in a row…then a random song…then another 5-6 songs in a row. What are the odds of that happening? I didn’t do too badly in my probablity and statistics course last semester, but even at 80% random mix…I know things like that isn’t supposed to just happen.

It’s been a pretty tiring day. We had a garage sale to get rid of all the useless junk that was in the house. But seriously, maybe it’s the collector in me, but I don’t think alot of things should be sold. I mean…what better place to study or use your laptop in than a perfectly good massage chair? I know one GOOD use for a blender…Scientific American had this instruction on how to make a centrifuge from an old blender. I could use that for some of my homebrewed experiments. Ok I don’t know what I can do with a coffee maker…an…incubation chamber perhaps? I don’t know…maybe I’ll get some ideas.

Although…the cheesy romance novels had to go for some reason. I like books…but I draw the line at romance novels. All that heaving bossom and long dark manly hair for some reason catches my attention…but not in the way its supposed to be. I did however find it highly amusing when this guy came up and bought half of those romance novels. Hey I’m just the saleperson…our’s not to ask why, ours is to do or die. So some things best left to imagination. I collect penguin soft toys…no way I’m casting stones on that guy.

That’s probably why I’m dead beat now. Hauling carpets, TV, mirrors and …christ…assembling a computer table. Come on already…I’ve got better things to do…like study. My finals are in less than a week. Gee whiz…give me a break.

So I think I’ll lay back down here and listen to some tunes before I head up to sleep. For some reason…I don’t feel like moving from this seat at all…go figure…

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