Ye Shall Be Judged…

How moral are you? Ever asked yourself that question? If judgement day were to befall us now and we’re under trial for the things we did in our live. How would you answer that question? If we’re looking at the world here, I think we all would have gone to hell by now. Or maybe we already are in hell…or purgatory…but that’s another question for another day.

I mean when you think about it, we all have comitted some kind of morally wrong acts one way or another. Stolen office supplies? Guilty. Went above the speed limit while legally drunk? Guilty. Had sex with a minor (hopefully while being a minor yourself)? Guilty. Thought lustful thoughts of the person next to you, took the extra change that the cashier accidentally gave you or ran butt naked down the street into a hospital zone while sceaming “ahhhhhhh” at the top of your lungs? Guilty, guilty and…ummm…guilty (if you did that last bit…you need someone to talk to)…

But who’s to say what incurs God’s wrath these days. I remember a time when eating meat on a friday was a mortal sin. Or a time when we had to pray 40 times a day. Either God’s pretty lenient nowadays or we just don’t give a rats ass about morality.

Which brings me to the next bit. If alot of us aren’t moral, how ethical are you? Now that’s a different thing entirely. People often get both of it mixed up. Alot of people seem to think being ethical means being moral at the same time which is not really. Morality is like the never changing rules of right and wrong. It’s either way…they SHOULD not be gray areas. Ethics is kinda like asking yourself why is it right or wrong and acting upon it accordingly, so any grey areas are covered on the spot depending on the situation and event.

So to keep it general…say you killed someone to protect another. Morality will be all over your ass in saying you’re wrong and that you have to pay either here or judgement day for what you done. Ethics will say you’re in the right and that you had to do it probably cause there was no obvious way at that particular time.

The first one a no brainer, the other requires some thought. So you can see why alot of people seem to choose to be moral even though they aren’t the least bit themselves.

And that ladies and gentlemen is called Hypocrisy.

So if you broke the administrator password for your company for the heck of it, would you tell them its breakable and tell them to increase security or would you just start stealing files or selling the password to your co-workers? If you knew your friend swore you too keep a secret that he or she was being unfaithful towards another friend you know, would you interfere in it? If smell is actually particles of the object, would you BBQ pork meat near your islamic friends and tell them this scientific fact to see them run and wash their noses in “air tanah“?

So how ethical are you again?

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