You did WHAT…?!

I don’t know whether I should smile and laugh like a complete madman or should I keep to that nagging fear in my stomach. All those times that I talked about leadership and changing things…how ironic that life has decided to give me that exact opportunity to prove my worth. No I’m not talking about the world or some obscure country. Just my own little University-College. To think…I might be in charge of a 3000++ student body. Gee…if that doesn’t give me the goosebumps, I don’t think anything will.

But there is nothing to shout about though, for the reason that I’m running for Deputy President. But hey…I know what I’m good in and talking in public is not one of them. What the president needs is a good face to put out, someone who can talk, someone who is outspoken, someone who can relate to the people and put their ideas to a reality. i could probably do the last one really well…but I’m not so sure about the others…definitely not the outspoken part.

So that’s how it goes. I’ll play my part as the guy behind the seat and I’ll throw every machiavellian tactic within my legal rights. Hopefully…we’ll pull this off and really instate some changes into the council as necessary. What I worry about is…my opponents are my fellow council members. I may not like the administration I am in, but I still value my council mates as friends. Could I put aside my friendship for professionalism even if it means risking that friendship? Unfortunately it would have to be yes.

Sometimes when you’ve been playing with the monsters too long, you never notice the lines you cross to be one yourself. Maybe I have crossed that line, maybe I haven’t. Maybe I can be ruthless because I understand what has to be done and I’m willing to work by what I believe in. Right now…I’m talking to as much people as I can, getting the other student bodies on our side. Gee…and we haven’t even officially got nominated yet. Talk about enthusiastic.

God I hope I don’t become a politician. After all…wasn’t it Neitzche that said Politics is the prostitiution of intellect? Now that would be something scary indeed.

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