You’re On The News…

It’s official…this is one of the most challenging weekends I have ever faced in my life. Here I stand on the brink of finishing my last semester here before I head off to Australia. I have 2 assignment papers and 5 lab reports to finish by the 6th. My finals are on Monday and Tuesday and to top that off.

I have the flu.

My throat is scratchy and my nose feels like it’s going to go for the 100 meter sprint. Sarah is being a nice little girl by acting up by screwing up my reports that I had to redo them again and did I mention I have to hand these things up by the 6th? Oh…everything isn’t so bad though. I’m taking a break from it all so I’m here letting my mind do what it does best.


When life is this debilitating, it can make you wonder whether you’re alone or not. Even wonder whether your life is as bad as the what you see in the everyday world news. Think about it, if you often wonder why can’t your life be a little more challenging like what you see in the news, you’d be surprised to know that the news and your life have more in common than you think. The ony difference with real life news and your life is that the news have better embelishment of stories.

Here are some examples.

News: “All talks have reached an impasse…”
Life: “He’s the one that should call and appologise…” “She’s the one that should call and appologise…”

News: “An unprovoked act of terrorism…”
Life: “Ahhh…mom!! Jimmy put ice down my back!!!”

News: “An innocent victim of torture…”
Life: “You’ll get your dessert when you finish your peas and not a minute before…”

News: “A band of mindless screaming zealots…”
Life: “We’re all going to the Linkin Park concert!!”

News: “Subjected to a news blackout…”
Life: “My net connection has been down since yesterday…”

News: “A sent message to the free world…”
Life: “I can’t go out. I’m grounded. I hit my little brother in the eye with a water uzi…”

News: “The round-the-clock bargaining continues…”
Life: “I’m not sleeping with you until I see a ring and your recent blood results…”

News: “They have maintained a non-negotiable position…”
Life: “I’m not going to buy you a dog and that’s final…”

News: “A grim and uncertain future…”
Life: “Just you wait until your father sees this report card young man!!”

Not much different now isn’t it?

So the next time you see the news or think that your life is utterly boring. Think about it…other people are going through the same things as you are too. The world is a smaller place than anyone of us thinks…it’s just things can get blown out of proportion in certain areas.

That’s life…and you’re living it.

Right now though…I have to live through assignments and an exam.

So toodles for now…

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