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On Google+

It seems that the reason to post on this blog is getting less and less each time, more so since discovering Google+. However, I think while I will keep the shorter quips confined to G+ and Twitter, I'll crosspost the longer bits here as well, because it still is worthy of being on a blog after all.

30 Day Song Challenge – Song From Your Favourite Band

Although I have many favourite bands, this one is a no brainer since this band tops my charts at the moment.

30 Day Song Challenge – Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

This had to be an instrumental. Any song with lyrics makes me focus on the words. I keep a specialised playlist for when I want to relax and if necessary sleep. This is one of my favourite ones.

30 Day Song Challenge – Song That You Can Dance To

I grew up with rock music, so I never got into the clubbing scene and my choice for dance tracks are far and few in between. Here is one of the few I can dance to compliments of a band I loved since the 90's.

30 Day Song Challenge – Song That You Know All The Words To

I tend to know all the lyrics of most of the songs I love. It's only natural when you play them over and over again. So I thought I throw in

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something from the 90's. I'm amazed that I still can sing this.