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Category Archives: 2012

Leafy Greens

These days I've gone to eating a little healthier, not that I've completely given up on meat and fast food, but rather I've been trying to eat everything I want in much smaller portions than I'm used to eating. Sure I get hungry faster, but at the same time, I'm eating more times a day than I usually do. The result of which is that while I haven't lost much weight at all, being 1-2 kilos a week, I seem to be losing more fat than anything. Pants that used to fit me nicely are seemingly looser and shirts that couldn't really fit before now look better on me.

Of course, there are still pockets of fat that I do want to get rid off, but until I get into the habit of exercising, I'm not going to be losing the fat any faster. Not that it has bothered me before with my low self esteem and all, it's just that in thinking about my future, I want to at least get my cholesterol under control before it nips me in the butt heart.

Thankfully I have Melissa to help me get through this. Not that she's any less guilty of shovelling junk food into that slim tight body of hers, but as someone who can inexplicably grow strange vegetables from nothing, I'm glad I have someone who can give me my greens. Even if they come in the form of lettuce trees. Don't ask. She's as mad a scientist as I am to begin with.

My Public Parts Are Showing

While I understand why the issue of privacy on the internet is so important, I come from a generation that is willing to give up, or rather, have changed where my privacy priorities lie as so to traverse the internet better.

I for instance will not give my opinion as to my working conditions, or financial details and other professional matters of interest to the public. I will also not disclose more personal details between my partner and I, nor will I discuss matters pertaining to my family.

I will however, talk about my own self, how I am bipolar, my interests, dreams, aspirations, desires and to some extent and circles, my sexuality (which among Asian cultures is considered a taboo subject to approach). I understand what I am willing to share to people and the consequences that it may bring. I also have experience enough to know just how to talk about my own life to other people on the internet, making sure that my public personal life doesn't come back to bite me in the future.

More often than not, sharing my strengths and more importantly, my flaws, I've come to meet people who too have the same afflictions as I do. Their experienced has taught me to managed my condition in the more difficult times and as such I have taken to try and help them center themselves as well. It doesn't always work, but only because most people do not put stock in how real an online conversation can be in relation to actually meeting someone in person. A separate but not all too different issue from privacy altogether.

On the other hand, my partner views privacy in a German-like stance. That she needs to have a choice whereby she can never be tracked and she takes all steps to have a large wall between her private life and the internet. It took her years to start on Facebook and even so, she uses a pseudonym. She's nowhere near hypocritical in real life either considering she takes the same near paranoid steps to remain out of the lime-light in real life. That's why I'm writing only about her views on this, and not about anything that people can relate to her as a person.

The internet I believe needs to find a compromise between people such as my partner and people like myself. It is impossible and naive to believe that the internet can run properly without taking certain liberties to what we used to consider private information. Our public parts as +Jeff Jarvis puts it, ares now the clothes we wear as we take a stroll down the reality we call the internet. It is the identity we show to world as so we can communicate on the same level that body language does in a physical presence.

So rather than saying we should enforce an ability to not track us while we're online, we should hold accountable companies that require certain information about us to not misuse that information. The use of our information should be transparent to the public and steps should be taken to ensure the public can trust companies with their information.

At the same time, what the public needs to realise is that for as long as you are on the internet, nothing is really private. Like my decision to talk about my private life in public spaces, people have to be consciously aware of the consequences they might run into should they decide to just be on the internet, much like people should be consciously aware of their surroundings if they are crossing the road or waiting alone at bus stop.

This kind of common sense or street smarts towards the internet is not something that people can willingly adopt overnight, but nevertheless, if the internet is going to part of our culture and life, then we have no choice but to develop this kind of street smarts. No amount of opt-out choices or do-not-track enforcement is going to change how much the internet and our digitized representation of ourselves will matter now and the future.

This post was originally written in Google+ in response to another post I read written by Jeff Jarvis. It should also be noted that while I'm just another schmuck on the internet with another opinion on how things should be made better, Jeff Jarvis is actually a respected professor in all things pertaining to journalism and new media.

Reading Leaves

Not that I have been skivvying in my attempts to take 365+1 pictures a day, it's just that duty calls louder than the blog. You understand of course what it's like to be an ambitious career driven person with a partner that you want to dote every day.

If not, then well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On the other hand, if you aren't really interested in my grasp for excuses, you can hop over to my Picasa page and look my pictures up. Even if I didn't blog about it, rest assured, there is always time to upload it for all to see. So enjoy.

Unforgettable Mistakes

You can never live your life without making mistakes. Yet your life after all is never defined by the mistakes you make, but what you do with them. While a black stroke will ensure that the best you will ever get in your life is a grey palette, it is up to you, the artist of your own canvas, to determine how best to accentuate the brightness in your masterpiece called life with shadows and highlights.

Unforgettable mistakes doesn't mean the end of the world. It just means you have to work a little harder to turn it into something that won't spoil the entire picture, and with time and experience, perhaps, turn it into something people would pay you a whole lot to see for themselves.

Low Tech Guilty Pleasure

Contrary to popular belief that I'm some kind of cyborg, I still do enjoy a good paperback book from time to time. It's not that my Kindle doesn't satisfy my need to have a huge library at the tips of my fingers, it's just that when it comes down to it, some books are worth your time to collect and keep as physical memories for an uncertain future. That was why I bought the Kindle to begin with. Not because I think books are a dead end technology, but because

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I think it's good to scout out as much books that I can without having to bother about buying them or walking all the way to my local library in order to read them. In that aspect, I would admit to pirating my fair share of books if only to see if it's a good read. The result of which is the troublesome possibility that I might need a bigger shelf in the end. Such is a price to pay for being a pack rat, but at least I have high standards doing so.

Note: "Kill the Dead" featured in the picture is the second book in the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey. I recommend the series especially if you're a fan of urban fiction and anti-heroes with dark undertones. While the first book "Sandman Slim" is a little rough around the edges and evident of a shaky start, this one and the third book "Aloha From Hell" is in fact quite a read.