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I blog therefore I am.

Reading Leaves

Not that I have been skivvying in my attempts to take 365+1 pictures a day, it's just that duty calls louder than the blog. You understand of course what it's like to be an ambitious career driven person with a partner that you want to dote every day.

If not, then well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

On the other hand, if you aren't really interested in my grasp for excuses, you can hop over to my Picasa page and look my pictures up. Even if I didn't blog about it, rest assured, there is always time to upload it for all to see. So enjoy.

There We Have It

Several months ago, thanks to Lorelle, I was introduced to Kym who wanted to interview me for a new site he was creating. One that would showcase the lives of people around the world and the stories about their journey. That was indeed a while back and now that interview is on the site.

Now I feel like crawling into a hole and live the rest of my life in embarresment.

No really, honestly that's how I feel. I guess that being so used to being a hermit, I'm not used to being painted in such a positive light. A large part me of me is going, "He mixed up the interview, I can't believe I said something like that.", but I did and the power of the internet demands it be permanently etched for all to listen and see.

A small part of me however is going "Hey, I do have cool quotes!"

Even though I'm technically the 3rd person to be on the site, being placed on the same page as a Holocaust survivor and an award winning storyteller is still absolutely humbling. I know my life is nowhere as inspiring or eventful as the people (and I suspect many more to come) who have gone and done something amazing with their lives.

Me, I'm a guy with mental issues who's still doing the best he can to reach for the skies. If that's cause for inspiration, I somehow missed the memo. Not that I'm complaining of course, it's an awesome ego booster. I just would like to have more to show for than just words and ambitions of grandeur.

So there we have it, another side of me that's frozen in time. The way I look at it, it's a milestone and a message, what it is I'm saying however is up to people to interpret because you're you and I'm me and we all have different ways of looking at the world. At the very least, if you read into a portion of my life and thoughts and think good of the world around you, then I would like that.

I couldn't ask for a more satisfying legacy than that.

Finding Purpose

I'm not the only one that feel this way. Among my regular reads, Cas and Gnorb also feel the same way about their blogs. In so many ways, thanks to our ever forward moving lives, some social networking and maybe that weird neighbor down the street that I would like to cast the blame on for no reason whatsoever, our blogs have become almost empty. Scarcely updated and left to its own devices. We have contemplated leaving for good like so many before us, but I think we just can not bear to leave it be.

Our blogs have become part of our lives. We put so much work into it, emotionally sharing our feelings not to mention the hours, weeks and months just trying to put it together as a readable whole. Yet, contrary to the many people who grew up with blogs as a norm, this part of the internet does not define our lives. We blog not because we'd like ten thousand people to visit our site (though we have dreamed that beautiful dream). We didn't blog because we want to become sponsored, ad-centric sites in the hopes of leaving our jobs so we can sit at home and surf the net (again, a fleeting thought of a dream). No, we blogged because we wanted to, because we had time to and the words to string together to express it so. As we grew and nurtured in our moments, so did we lose track of the time we needed to share the same moments.

As a result, each passing day became the case of "I'll write that down later" that never happened. Eventually, what was left was a jumble of a story to share with a beginning we couldn't quite pin down. How do you share all the things in our lives between now and the last post a few months ago? How do you put so much of your existence into a perspective that doesn't sound like a high school diary after you wrote it? I dare hope that these were the same thoughts that echoed through both Cas and Gnorb's head as they decided to leave their blog out for just "one more day" (cause if it doesn't this post will make me sound less wise and prophetic than I'd like to think I am). So it comes down to this, what do we do with a blog that doesn't seem to fit a life we now live? It's a question that has long baffled long-time bloggers but one whose answers are already there in front of us.

We blog, we write, because we choose to. It doesn't matter if what we're doing in our lives, what matters is that we do it because we want to do so. That's what makes not better blogs or even better writers, but better people. The fact that I have been neglecting my blog for so long aside from the fact that there has been so much happening in my life simply means that it has reached the end of its chapter. I can't express what I really feel when what I write on doesn't agree with what I've been through. So I have to redefine and reshape this blog to something I feel comfortable rolling around in.

It would of course take time and a whole lot of trial and error, but if that's what I truly want, then I know I'll find some way to go about it. After all, this blog doesn't define me, it is defined by me. I'd like to keep it that way, for as long as I possibly could. I don't like to throw away something I've invested so much of my existence into. It's about time this place evolved into the person I am now.

So Begins The Next Big Change…

It's been about a year since I last meddled the my blog layout and with the release of WordPress 2.8, I figure it should be about time I redesigned this place a bit. Of course, the last time I did a major revamp of my blog layout, it did take me a couple of months that didn't include anything important to do. That was the reason why the last redesign was only a general tweak of the colours and layout bugs rather than a complete "start-from-scratch" theme.

Now that I'm working however, the time restrictions are a little troublesome for my need to have the ideal layout. More so the research and the time I usually spend trying to figure out how to do things without help from anyone. A completely fresh new theme may be more trouble than it's worth, especially for a blog who's feeds sometimes exceeds the number of people who actually visit the site.

Of course, this blog has always been my personal canvas of words and art. Leaving it in a state of stagnant disrepair would take away the meaning behind why I keep doing this over and over again. After all, if I deny that perpetual need to make things better, I'd be denying myself and that's not really that this blog is all about.

So I will find the time to build a new look. One way or another, everything is going to change. I'll just have to figure out where to start.

The Greatest Life Lessons That Came From Blogging

A few days ago, I wrote about how I've come to realise that as much as I would hate to admit it, part of my life has become about blogging. As much as I live out there, it can never feel as complete as when I sit down and recollect my thoughts into an expressive whole like what I'm doing right now. I suppose when you spend the most important parts of your life writing it down for the world to see, there are moments of inspiration and lessons that define not just the blog that you are a part off, but the life in which feeds the words on your blog. I thought you might want to know them too.

  1. Live Before You Do:
    One of the fundamental things I tell every new blogger is for the most part, even if blogging is your life, you have to live an actual life first before you draw on to any sense of inspiration to write about anything. That is no different from being out there in the real world. To walk those first steps to doing anything worthwhile, whether it be love, play or work. How we handle it, how much we know where to start, depends on how much you've "been there".

    After all, how will you know who the right one is for you or how to keep the relationship alive if you haven't experienced it for yourself? How will you know if your future career is what you want to do if you haven't seen all that life can offer out there? Just as blogging depends on our experience in doing things to write something worthwhile, so too does life need that trial and error to set you on the right course. No one is good from the start. You just have to experience it for yourself to find out just how capable you are and just how much you can pick up from it in the end.

  2. Bite Off What You Can Chew:
    Not just referring to your food either, although that is still very good common sense. One of the worst things a blog can do is when they say or write something they have no comprehension off. It affects both bloggers new and old in the sense that aspiring bloggers try and break into the blogosphere by blogging about things that have already been done to death and passing it off as though they found it first or that they are smart enough to hang out with the big boys and girls; at the same time, veteran bloggers and sometimes the more established ones, fall into the trap of trying to be vocal about matters they don't usually talk about, let alone grasp. This often dilutes the quality of what they write, people will grow tired of it and most importantly, it can destroy their credibility.

    Talking and doing things that you know and understand raises the quality of your work, not just in blogging, but in life. While it's not bad to branch out on other things, it's another thing entirely to be the armchair pundit in trying to explain how the socio-economic future of the country is being run by blockheads when you have no idea how the economy works. The thing about admitting you don't know is that more often than not, people will try and educate you about, or like me, if you add this to my first point, you can go out and start learning about it yourself, just for kicks and to not feel left out. The real bonus is when people begin value you for the things that they know you're good at, especially when it comes to working in the real world. Doing the best you can do, on what you know you can do is perhaps one of the best common sense to follow. It makes you better than you appear to be, without actually trying too hard to be. How is that not a good thing?

  3. Grow Up Instead Of Growing Old:
    As blogs age and mature, so too does its readers. Talking about whether you look good or not in your cutely posed pictures may apply to when you're 16, but not after 5 years, let alone 10. The longer you blog, the more certain things become tiring, even irrelevant to the readers and most importantly, to you. As a result, our scope of topics change as do the way we write and our readers who read in reflection to our constantly changing environment. It's not that we've become different people, it's just that we've begun to refine the ways we express ourselves on our blogs on the same topics we shared so long ago. Just as angst-filled, picture-splashed should finally give way to poetic stories of joy and sadness or tech-reporting blogs should finally become hands-on, how-to geek blogs that knows what it's talking about because they have done it.

    This is perhaps no different than how we live life. As much as we want to reminisce about the past, and relive the good ol' days. The best moments in life come when we decide to take a step out of what we used to know and turn it into something much more refined. Life is so much bigger than what we remember or what we were raised to see. Staying put in your own niche, in your own comfort zone, talking about the same old things, will only cause you to waste those precious moments away. Growing old, while the world around you changes to a point where you don't recognise it anymore. Growing up simply is simply welcoming that rest of life with the same exuberance that makes you who you are.

    At the end of it, just like blogs, what matters to you and the way you hold yourself up changes, but never who you are, in the face of a world so beautiful and so terrifying at the same time. And maybe one of the best things to know is that maybe, you'll have friends you can count on grow up with you, rather than have them leave you behind, all to yourself, in a place you stopped trying to understand.

I hope that at the end of the day, especially if you've blogged for a long time, that you can draw the same parallels between blogging and real life. It makes sense for me simply because there are no distinctions between what I do online and how I run my life. As far as I'm concerned, they are one and the same, one part mirroring the other and if there is anything I've learned is that there is never a limit to where we can find wisdom worth holding on to. That lesson itself is something worth blogging about.