China Olympics And Why History Says They Should

About several weeks back, some students of mine were talking about the Olympic torch run that was being held in Australia at that time. Following it of course was talk about the mass of protesters along with whether or not China really deserves to be hosting the Olympic games this year.

In the flurry of discussions at least, nobody saw the point of having people protest against having China hosting the Olympics. Against how China treats the Tibetans, yes. But for reasons of their own, everyone didn’t see the big hoo-ha to China hosting the games. And I can completely understand that, because here is a picture I found on Flickr that illustrates my point.

Would We Have Allowed Nazi Germany To Host The Olympic Games?

Regardless about what you think about China, the die has been cast. They are hosting this year’s Olympics and that’s the end to that. It doesn’t matter if the picture displays marked stupidity and ignorance towards our past. It doesn’t matter if it is San-Fransisco’s idea of post-irony. It doesn’t even matter if the picture was a very good photoshop. What matters is that the message is clear.

This is history repeating itself and in comparison with what happened following the events of World War II, the actions of today’s China pales in comparison to the actions of Nazi Germany. That’s not even mentioning that the modern torch run was invented by Nazi Germany as a means of promoting their own ideology. How ironic can you get?

While the idea of the Olympics is supposed to promote peace and goodwill of faith. There is no denying that the modern Olympics of today is about politics, business, money and a display of a country’s power. It’s not that those are bad values, it’s just that those are “the” values of today. I can’t think of any reason why China shouldn’t host the Olympics based on those values.

Because at the end of the day, there are worst places in the world where they could have held the Olympic games. Why do protesters have to pick now to show how woefully ignorant they are about the past and what it means to a country’s future?

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