Malaysia Could Be Virtually Crime Free

By now, almost every Malaysian and perhaps part of the international community, would have heard of the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, who is sort of like the mascot amongst opposition coalition in Malaysia, on charges of sodomizing his male aide. Now, I’m not going into details about it because news about it can be easily found on Google and there are far too many people on this side of the world who have their own armchair opinion of it. Instead I’m going to bring up something that perhaps very few people In Malaysia realize.

From the pressing of charges to the eventual arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, it took the police less than a month for them to get to it. So eager were the police in slapping the cuffs that even though Anwar was given a deadline to surrender to the police, they went ahead and arrested him anyway. Frankly I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for someone’s arrest in Malaysia since…since…well, I’ve never seen this kind of enthusiasm for someone’s arrest before.

Of course, then you have to wonder about Malaysia’s citizens complaining about the rising crime back home. With muggings, break ins, kidnappings, rape followed by the minor offenses that most people overlook, it’s said that it has become a little dangerous to walk alone in the streets at night these days. I mean, if the police can be this effective in trying to stop protests with massive road blocks and quickly apprehending people charged with sticking something up someone’s bottom; you have to wonder, are the citizens of Malaysia just a little dramatic with crime in the country? I know you have your own answer to that.

I’m just pointing out that if the police are apparently doing their job why is crime such a problem in Malaysia these days? It can only lead me to one obvious conclusion. It’s not that a number of the Malaysian police officers are allegedly lazy and corrupted, no. It can’t be that. It can’t be that the Malaysian police are the long arm of the current government as they have supposedly been all this while either. Unthinkable to say the least. No. It’s got to be this tidbit of wisdom, so bear with me.

The Malaysian police can only arrest criminals, if someone told them who they actually are and where they are at.

Forget everything in between. Malaysia could be virtually crime free if people pointed out to the police who the criminal is and where they are at that moment, I kid you not. The solution to this is so effective in fact that I propose every nation in the world adopt this cunning strategy. You can forget about due process and actual investigative work, it’s all about taking the word of the victim right? It’s not their fault the police can’t arrest the perpetrators, after all, no one told them where they are let alone who they are. It’s hard work trying to come up with a full identity from a facial feature that looks like a monkey you know. And it’s not like they are free all the time to look into these things either, you know with their…well…you know.

So really…the important thing here is that the police ARE doing their jobs. We’re just not giving them the right information for them to do it properly. It’s an interesting conclusion, you have to admit. I doubt that people will start buying it any time soon. But still, based on the information I can get while sitting at home, even the most disconnected and disinterested of us can come up with possibilities like that given ample brain power. More so, you can’t really disregard my awesome powers of logic as well. After all, I am a scientist with two degrees. It has to mean I’m right.

So next time you’re a victim of a crime. Please remember to ask the bad guy for their identity card and jot the details down, some criminals aren’t well known and in power. Also ask them where they are mostly to be for the past few days as well so that when you do report the incident to the police, they’ll have all the details needed to make an arrest. Remember, information saves lives and helps people do their job better.

Failing that, we could always ask Google where they are. Hmm…that is another idea I’ll have to work on.

8 thoughts on “Malaysia Could Be Virtually Crime Free

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  2. Not really related to your post, but I just have to say… Malaysia seems like a pretty messed up country…it always ends up in headlines for the wrong reasons. I guess politics and racial tensions aside, it is a beautiful country. But then again the same goes for all countries I guess.

  3. Every country has its flaws. Sometimes I believe we take more pride in our own flaws than we do in our own beauty. Such is a nation we are. Such we have to live with it.

  4. i hate it that my house or its compound has been the target of ‘intruders’ a few times the past few years, i resent the fact that i have to keep a watch dog n keep my gates locked. it was so different when i was a child n crime was not an issue.

  5. Yeah! That’s why…the next time. You tell the cops who they are and where they live. Then your problems will be solved. 🙂

  6. thye told me to report the theft as a loss of documents as there would b less paper work involved i suppose.

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