Malaysia’s Political Suicide With A Hidden Purpose?

It’s finally happened. I didn’t think it would happen this fast, but Malaysia’s current ruling goverment, which has been criticised heavily for its incompetency and extreme racial and religious prejudice, has gone over the deep end and snapped.

As of yesterday at different times, a vocal political blogger, a newspaper reporter and a duly elected minister for the opposition party has been arrested under the Internal Security Act. The ISA is a leftover ghost of the 60’s during Malaysia’s more turbulent times. It allows anyone to be detained without charge for an indefinite period of time if they are suspected of treason and sedition. Basically it’s what you would expect from Stalin’s Russia rather than a democratic nation. A human rights nightmare.

I’ve only got one thing to say about this.


Why did this happen? Because given that the approval rating of the current government and its head is abysmal, why would anyone give orders to do such a thing? It doesn’t make sense. It’s pure political suicide.

The only thing I can surmise is that whoever issued the order to detain these people would purposely do it to enrage Malaysian citizens and push them into ousting the current government out. There are rumours of a political coup going about that’s supposed to happen on the 16th of September. Something like this would either have to be a result of people fearing the coup might happen or people relying on this very act to encourage defections within the government so that the coup would go smoothly.

It’s not that hard to draw up a plan like that. The people that were detained are well known throughout Malaysia for their criticisms of the current Malaysian administration. It’s not hard to get people worked up over their arrests. Like pawns, their sacrifice might be a prelude to the end game, which is far more important.

Of course, if I was in a position such like that, it’s what I would do. Human beings are far too predictable. Given that the fuse has been lit, this is merely adding more gunpowder to the mix, ensuring that the final act is quite the big bang. In a way, if this is true, I admire the genius that is this. Whoever cooked this up is a mastermind in a political quagmire.

The only alternative is that the person is a complete idiot to think they are doing the current administration a favour by silencing opposing voices. On days like this though, it’s very hard to figure out which is actually the more likely scenario.

6 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Political Suicide With A Hidden Purpose?

  1. i’ve considered the possibility of a conspiracy too. it doesn’t make sense for all these ridiculous things to spring out all in one go. however, it seems much too clever and diabolical to believe. or rather, i’d prefer not to consider it possible. we’d all be fools for playing right into it.

  2. Lishun: I tend to want to believe in the diabolical and clever rather than the good and clever. It’s just that I trust the herd mentality and human gullibility more than I trust their common sense. That much hasn’t let me down yet.

  3. Eli James: Most people don’t. Which makes things like this even more easy to play out. Ignorance is a politicians best weapon.

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