The Last Political Thought Of The Week

After the steady streams of messages and the endless thoughts, opinions and ideas began to wane. One thing emerges clear from all this.

Maybe the constant weariness and finger pointing isn’t the result of someone creating the problem. Maybe it just boils down to nobody finding the solution. At least not one that people can understand, let alone work. It’s easier to cast the blame on something you don’t admit being partly responsible for than working together to come up with a solution everyone can be happy about.

Until people on every side get a clue at least, the cycle will always repeat itself. Perpetuating a system that appears to have no beginning and no end. What’s sad about this is, not even I know the solution beyond convincing people to stand up and act for what they believe in. Perhaps at least, I can only hope there is enough influence in the sphere to produce someone who can set things right.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nice long bath to scrub this residue off. Politics has a way of making you feel dirty. Sit in it long enough and you’ll never be able to remove the stench of it clouding every matter.

4 thoughts on “The Last Political Thought Of The Week

  1. Buy some bath salts and soak in some hot water. It’ll be great for those winter nights. 😛

    (And yes, I heard you.)

  2. I just realized, I don’t have a bathtub anymore. Which is sad cause I do miss taking long baths reading and eating in it.

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