The Other Better Vampire-Love Movie

I don’t like Twilight. I thought the books were unremarkable and bad long before I realised the real horror that they made a movie about it. In fact, when it comes to the movie, there are many things that can be said about Twilight and its horde of screaming fan-girls. Unfortunately I was taught that if all I have to say were things that could make people burst into flames, I shouldn’t really say them.

That being said, I think that film, Twilight is nothing more than fan-girl screaming trash of a book-bastardization Hollywood movie which features emo looking vampires that can’t go out into the sun because they’ll glow and everyone else will know that’s them (which has got to be the biggest slap in the face reasoning for a vampire lore) and a teen girl who wants to get hot and sweaty with one of them (because he’s hot). Mercifully, I found a better alternative than watching this trash (a great big hat tip to Swifty for recommending me this movie and you can read his review of it here). The movie is called Let The Right One In and don’t let the title or its country of origin fool you (It’s a Swedish film) it’s probably one of the best vampire-human love stories to date.

Without giving too much away, the story is based on a book of the same name about a 12 year old boy, Oskar who’s constantly bullied and dreams of bloody revenge. He meets a strange lonely girl, Eli who isn’t afraid of the cold and is never seen in daylight. Turns out she’s a 200 year old vampire with a mind and body of a 12 year old and a constant need to feed on human beings with the help of her human caretaker who is a serial killer that finds her victims and cleans up the mess. As the body count rises, the boy and girl find comfort and strength in each other against their own darkness.

Despite it’s twisted, gruesome plot that’s beautifully executed, the underlying premise of the film is about innocent love between two preteen children. None of this teen romance thing that’s been overdone in a lot of movies. It’s won a lot of awards in film festivals and it’s a worthwhile watch if you ever get your hands on it. Fortunately, yes it does come with subtitles so you don’t have to learn Swedish to catch the gist of the movie.

In short, there is no reason for you not to go out and find this movie, sit down with a friend or three and watch it from beginning to end. Maybe it’ll open a whole new world of awesome movies that are not made by Hollywood. I can only hope, but in this case, you can take my word for it.

Watch it.

9 thoughts on “The Other Better Vampire-Love Movie

  1. i totally agree wit u on this.. i loved this movie… even put it up in my list of good movies tat probably wudnt see light in m’sia….

    vampires are supposed to be bloody, scary, dark, menacing…. Twilight was a movie for emo chicks… damn those pale, sappy vampires in love….

  2. Well in retrospect, vampire are also supposed to be sensual, but not in the young love kind of sense. It’s a darker, more lustful desire and intimacy. It dates all the way back to Bram Strokers “Dracula”. Though Let The Right One In skips the lust part entirely and focuses on the dark hunger instead and it pulls it off perfectly.

  3. The DVD for this movie isn’t out. You guys must have downloaded the screener or something haha..

    Regardless, it’s been on my To Watch list for a long time now.. just waiting for it to be released officially.. 🙂

  4. Actually, the screeners aren’t so bad because they were meant for the film festivals they were shown in and not for the ones that you get showing people’s bobbing heads. But yeah, I just realised that the DVD’s won’t be out until March 10th this month in which I would go out and get it because it’s just too good a show not to own, plus it is an indie film anyway, so what better way than to support it.

  5. This movie was one of the better movies I have seen in the last two years or so! Definitely a MUST SEE!!!! Twilight made vampires look fruity, this makes them feel eerie again.

  6. ok that movie lookes awsome but i am going to say i am one of those girls that love twilight not the movie but i loved the books, ya vampiers are evil killing bla bla bla but it was kinda cool to see a different side. now mabe if i watch this one cuz it looks awsome ill change my mind.

  7. i agree! i hate the movie twilight! it was horrible! i hate it! i hate it! i hate it! those actors and actress couldn’t act at all. the entire movie was just awkward.

  8. I totally agree and I find it hilarious that a girl at IMDB trashed the American remake Let Me In by saying “this junk is copying Twilight!” Um sorry, but Twilight wasn’t the first book to have a vampire in love with someone, the Let the Right One in book came out first, same with True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Plus Angel was in love with Buffy long before the Edward and Bella crap.
    Team Edward and Team Jacob ? How do girls think Twilight is the best vampire books/movies when they make vampires and werewolves just look like horny football players and Bella the cheerleader who doesn’t know who’s team to cheer for.

  9. Hi i read the stephanie meyer books and they did get a bit overated when the movies actually came out. The two main characters are the worst actors in the world and i did expect it to be better. On another note the trailer you are showing i have watched the movie when it came to our local theatre. It was a great movie and so great that americans made the movie again with american actors and actresses it is called “let me in” deffinantely not as good as the proper one 🙂

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