Whiny Ungrateful Malaysians

I’m sorry. This time I really have to rant.

By now, everyone in Malaysia knows about the recent 0.78 cent increase in fuel costs, bringing the total amount to RM2.70 ($0.83 USD) for a litre of petrol. As far as I have seen, the majority of Malaysians have viewed this with a near panic by causing massive traffic jams in the city streets in the effort to fuel up before the midnight price-hike deadline and with a worrisome hatred for their future and their government. To all this I say one thing.

My God, you’re all whiny ungrateful sods.

Sure, Malaysia is an oil producing country, but do you really expect all that oil to last us forever? Did you really stop and think for a moment that other countries (fine they are non-oil producing countries) are paying still paying 2-6 times more per litre than you are? Did you really think, with how oil is meticulously searched and found, siphoned off a well maintained rig in the middle of the seas that probably took months to build, transported, refined in some huge refinery, stored, transported again, used to fuel our cars, then have a big chunk of the profits given to people for no good reason that it’s amazing that fuel prices could have stayed as low as less than 2 Malaysian Ringgit?

Wow you must be feeling self-righteous that your daily transport to work alone in your car has now lost all meaning. You know, forget about the fact that your exhaust fumes are killing the planet. Forget about the joys and freedom of spending money on your late night rituals of food and drinks whining about the how the fat cats are taking your money for the sake of taking back what you know is a stupid move.

Here’s an idea, why don’t you drive a little less and think about how the rest of the world has put up with a high price in petrol for the past few years. Why don’t you take a break from your whining and think about how the rest of the world has been hard at work trying to solve a global (as in amazingly includes you too) energy crisis that has been debated for years. Why don’t you just suck it up and stop being part of the problem and go do something about solving it?

The good thing about this that if no one is going to actually do something about it, rest assured, everyone will stop making a fuss and toughing it out, after two months of useless fist shaking. Oh Malaysia, have you really changed at all?

25 thoughts on “Whiny Ungrateful Malaysians

  1. Good observation. I hate to say this but I think the average Malaysian couldn’t be bothered with scarcity beyond their tummies and bank accounts. Subsidies have a tendency to do that. As nasty as it is now, I do think people will come out wiser and stronger in the end.

  2. while its good to discourage too much of car usage for a greener planet the real intentions of the petrol hike is not for that reason. i guess why malaysians are furious is because we are an oil producing country and petronas has never disclosed its accounts. what im saying is if our government has been ever efficient and effective and has been doing their job we will have an economy where any petrol hike won’t burn us as hard as now. for example singaporeans are paying 2.20 a litre compared to ours 1.92 before but they enjoy a better buying power of anything else coz they have a stronger currency.
    if the government announce that all the xtra cash resulted from the hike will be used to encourage green technologies and provide subsidies from green industries then its fair..the reason for the hike is they said petronas cant afford the 50billion a year subsidies anymore. but do you know that half of that subsidies goes to IPP (independent power providers) through a loopsided agreement which sets gas prices at rm6/million units..the market price is actually 35/million units…of course u can say that if we take away that subsidy we will pay higher power bills but if thats the case can we review the agreement between the IPPs and the government?can the rakyat and IPPs share this burden?its unfair to hike our petrol while their prices stays..they had the luxury to sign an agreement with the government, just like the toll companies while the rakyat has no choice but to accept anything..

    i drive a 1.3L car traveling about 80km daily..many malaysians travel this far daily because we dont have a decent public transport system. if we buy an imported car we pay almost 100% more in taxes..a toyota vios cost rm50k in thailand but RM85k here..where did that money went?isn’t that enough to cover any subsidies given to the car owner?and imported european cars pay even more…to me the taxes are not to discourage the use of cars..the taxes are to encourage the use of local cars..so its not about the environment…its about mismanagement of our natural resources and our coffers..its about being greedy, immoral and its about punishing the rakyat for the last election..

  3. To me, I’m more than a little furious NOT because of the increase per se (I think the elimination of subsidies is actually a good thing), but because of the mismanagement, and the more-than-a-little-lacking forthrightness to tell the truth to the rakyat.

    What we have today is a totally incompetent government with the nasty habit of lying through their teeth to save their skins – and that’s what really riles Walski up.

    Sure, a lot of this was inherited from previous administrations, but it just goes to show that the current government doesn’t have a clue as to how to manage the country in a sustainable manner.

    The drastic fuel price increase is only going to trigger increases in just about everything else, from public transport (especially the buses), to food, and just about everything in between. Sure, the government can warn that they won’t tolerate other price increases, but by doing that, the government is not being realistic either.

    The only thing that may not increase in price is probably prostitution – but then again, I’m sure some excuse could be found… (okay, this last one is meant to be taken with a grain of salt).

  4. Damien Tan: Don’t hate it, accept it. We expect things we take for granted to last forever, but we’re victims of our own attempts to be successful. It would have been so poetic if it wasn’t so sad.

    Galvin: Denial is one thing. Denying denial is another. And it has.


    …while the rakyat has no choice but to accept anything..

    …its about being greedy, immoral and its about punishing the rakyat for the last election..

    I hate to hard on you, but those sentiments are exactly what’s wrong with this situation. You are part of that system that lead to this. You always have a choice. You elected that government there. A government that represents its people in every true sense of the word. Rather than pointing fingers on who’s fault that is. Maybe you take a long hard look in the mirror to know who’s ultimately responsible for it all.

    McGarmott: Not unless it’s for the right reasons.

    Walski69: Good ol prostitution, how its never let us down. 🙂 People have a tendency to save their own asses before anything else. Matters like this can only be assumed to be done out of desperation hinting that something far worse maybe going on. Then again, it’s been going on for far too long. The fact that most people never saw it coming is our own hindsight. The backlash for the most part is in our inability to anticipate the repercussions and deal with it. Question is…what are you going to do about it? How will you cope with it? If people can answer and commit to those answers, then they have a right to bitch about it.

  5. I really couldn’t resist.

    Walski, prostitution WILL increase. After all, the pimps will have to pay higher rates for bringing in those “exotic” ladies, while those who work on their own will have to pay larger bribes to the policeman/whathaveyou to not arrest them while they’re on the job. They’ll also have to pay extra for food and basic necessities, which WILL go up, so yes, I think prostitution prices will go up.

    What a sad sad day. :3

  6. Totally, completely true. We live in hard times, and everybody suffers for it Malaysian or Japanese or Australian. Blaming Pak Lah solves nothing. Good call, Edrei, good call.

  7. I can’t agree more with Confused. Don’t change the topic here. The point is what is wrong with the system as Confused mentioned. We have choice or not is another thing. Corrupted government is still holding its power is because there are still people like you, blinded or perhaps not wise enough to see the fact. I voted for the opposition, and they’ve won. But yet there are still many people like you which had gave them the chance to continue being corrupted.

    Try to explain the IPP case. As many of us said, we don’t need subsidies, we need transparency. Where are all the money goes to after this? So you mentioned that we should drive less. Use your bloody brain and think again. Drive less? Great, so we should depend on our poor public transport system? Or perhaps cycling would be a good idea. How pathetic.

  8. Zewt: 🙂

    Eli: More where that came from though, but another place and another time.

    Desmond: You’re right. That’s why I’m not complaining about the price hike, because I didn’t do anything about it. I don’t have the right to complain about it. So I’m not.

    And that’s the topic at hand, MY topic at hand. So you voted for the other side, good on you and that’s supposed to be it? What were you doing before that then? What were you doing about it after? You think change is supposed to be effected from one moment’s worth of choosing someone else to do the job? Now that is pathetic. Perhaps a good dose of reality is in order. How long has the public transport system been in Malaysia? Do you rely on it and take it often? Have you done anything to improve on it if anything is wrong? The system we’re in is in a mess because NO one bothers to do anything about it until it’s too late. The government reflects that sentiment as well because they are us, thinking that a single moment of change is going to make a difference. Well it sure as hell isn’t. And neither are people’s constant whining going to make a difference as well, not until you, me and everyone else starts doing something about it…and KEEP doing something about it.

  9. The whole public transportation system works both ways because in Malaysia, it’s privatised – if people don’t take it, it won’t make enough money to improve. =.=

    For those people who have the nerve to complain about fuel/lifestyle/electricity increase YET have the money to spend on dining out, luxury coffee (Starbucks), as well as crappy consumption habits (like leaving the air-con on 24/7, etc), pipe down and take a good look in the mirror.

    Personally, whining is allowed but if you whine too long, you are just that – a whiner. And like I have said before last year when price of petrol went up, it’s time to change your lifestyle.

  10. WTJ: More people need to start using public transport for it to be good. Most people I see condemn it without having even stepped into one in their life.

    Mei: Only the rich are the ones that complain while the poor stay silent eh?

  11. edrei,
    i don’t need to take a hard look anywhere now..i did that bout 15years ago when i first cast my vote and i decided then im not voting for the ruling government..i never looked back since…now i hope u understand why im pissed..

  12. hmm..good question man, .yes i pay my taxes and i abide by the law although sometimes doing things for the country means running into the law..it has happened to me and i was lucky enough to get out of it…
    what i can do?..i lead a very simple life, almost a frugal one.. i do my charity, ive taught people who wants to listen, my job involves planting trees and greening the environment n sometimes i do it for free..recently we worked together n stopped the authorities from cutting some trees near my neighborhood..even while doing that we have to be xtra careful not to step on the wrong toes..and i even wanted to be a vegan but food is just so good here..hehe..
    ive join others to voice things aloud but our government’s reply was tear gases and ISA..its not funny to see someone u know getting hurt by the people who are suppose to protect us..most people here knew this n decided the best and the safest way to change this country is through the ballot…and its proven in the last election..
    most malaysians are not pissed by the oil hike..we are pissed of the mismanagement n lack of transparency in this issue..and in everything else..


  13. Well, generally, Government don’t care about the price hike…. Why?
    in their eye:
    raise price, still pump the same quantity, only with some noise,
    raise price, still pump the same quantity, only with more noise,
    raise price, still pump the same quantity, only with even more noise,
    raise price, still pump the same quantity, want to take action ar? oh, i’m stepping down from my prime minister seat…i dah makan enuff already, who wanna makan?? take turn..

    As citizen, we are definately being oppressed by the govmen..but they are in power..so wat can we do?
    let’s just look at the bright side, our petrol are still relatively cheaper than those around us. (just ignore the fact we are net exporter of petroluem..XD)

  14. Jason, that’s the exact sort of attitude that starts problems like these in the first place. Instead of resigning to the inability to do something. Why not think of something more constructive? This is the sort of thing that ticks me off. The whining and the apathy. It’s a wonder the country manages to hop on all these times.

  15. I was totally shocked by the petrol price hike, and the way the government likes to compare our prices to our neighbouring countries. Petrol prices in Australia recently went up to $1.50 a litre. Okay, this is about RM 4.50 per litre after the conversion. Therefore, the conclusion is Malaysians are still getting cheap fuel of RM 2.70 a litre.

    This is totally wrong. Consider our pay rates in Malaysia and Australia, and you can see why. Let’s take the casual job rates as an example. On average, an hour in McDonalds in Aussie would net you $13, but in Malaysia, I don’t think it can be more than about RM3 or RM4.

    Therefore, trying to say our fuel is cheap is an understatement.

    Yes, but what else can we do that will actually cause the government to listen, other than through the ballot boxes? When Big Brother chooses not to listen, the only thing we can do is to keep our mouth shut.

  16. Darkwolf, since when is shutting up the only thing to do? I’m not asking you go out and make a big mess of things to show the nation you’re unhappy either. Too long as Malaysia built on words never the actions, from both the people and those representing the people. Use this opportunity to make a difference in your life making do with what is going on. Use less fuel and energy in your daily life. Help build the public transport system by using it. It is the those complacent with the lifestyle that they are used to that shout the loudest. Maybe this is a good jolt back into reality. We can’t always have things easy.

  17. ok, i hv to agree to a certain extent with edrei. edrei, you mentioned “drive a little less” in your comment (as above). well, if ppl drove a little less, how are they going to get to work and back? m’sia is not known for its super efficient transportation system. in fact, its downright terrible. sad and pathetic. what is this with no meter system in taxis? how would the public/tourists know if they were being charged the correct fare?(many countries use meters; singapore, china etc) or being ripped off(which happens very frequently). ppl are just plain dishonest these days and nobody can be trusted. so unless the government bucks up and improves the road as well as on the transportation system, then perhaps ppl would start taking it. otherwise forget it. there’s always pros and cons for everything. its about how our government is running the country and this is the outcome. no planning. just do and think later. then what abt the high crime rate? corruption??really,our government should step up to the plate and sort this big huge mess out before they can say anything. its really sad and downright depressing to see malaysia at this state of utter chaos. let the “right”ppl run this country. maybe malaysia should learn a little bit from its neighbour, singapore. its fruit for a thought, hey.

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