Who Watches The Watchmen?

“All the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save Us!”, and I will look down and whisper, “No.”.”
– Rorschach, Watchmen (Graphic Novel)

Yes. It’s one of those rare moments where I’m actually promoting something entertaining. So cutting to the chase, I really cannot wait for Watchmen to come out. I’ve been a fan of the graphic novel for a long time and despite its late 80’s Reagan-isque era mood and plot, it still has one of the best storylines I’ve read.

Even if I know they changed the way the movie is going to end (at least that’s what the rumours are saying), I do hope they really do keep the dark realistic mood of “Superheroes dealing with an imperfect world”. Even if Christopher Nolan reinvented Batman’s Dark Knight to be a story about 3 sociopaths doing the best they can with the world they know and see. Watchmen was built from the ground up to be a story about Superheroes who become disillusioned with the world they constantly clean up after (“What am I? The Maid?”).

The only real problem to the movie is this, Hollywood has rarely come up with good adaptations to fantastic stories on paper. I mean, they completely butchered The Golden Compass (adapted from the awesome first book of His Dark Materials Trilogy, The Nothern Lights) and Hellboy (which in retrospect the first movie and it’s animated movies did it a whole lot more justice than the craptastic Golden Army sequel).

I don’t care if Zack Snyder won my girlfriend over by directing a movie adaptation, of a comic adaptation, about half-naked beefy men going to war in slow motion. The fact of the matter is, Watchmen is a 12 book graphic novel with an ending that made sense no matter how insane it might have been. The Watchmen movie is going to be about 2 hours long with possibly an ending that might not make sense in the realistic world (which is what Watchmen is really supposed to be about). Does that bode well for the movie? No. Am I still going to watch it? Hell yes.

After all, even if I have just talked myself out into believe that Watchmen is going to be a hell of a good movie, it’s watching trailers like this that puts everything back into perspective so I sit down and enjoy a steaming pile of Hollywood bastardisation at its best.

So who’s watching the Watchmen?

5 thoughts on “Who Watches The Watchmen?

  1. Zack Snyder actually confessed to changing the ending… But just squid or not, we’ll still get millions of people dying… So I guess the death factor is still there to keep me happy (no, im not sadistic)…

    Bastardisation or not, it’s gonna be great… Especially the movie adaptation has been planned since 1987….

  2. Kavi: Then you probably missed the point of the graphic novel.

    *Spoiler Ahead*

    The way the world is threatened, and not the actual deaths, was meant to bring people together. Without the Squid and the “threat” of an “alien invasion”, they could never have had a ceasefire and worked for world peace. It’s not plausible, or at least it doesn’t make sense that Dr Manhattan, who works for the US gov, will become a (framed) threat that unites the world.

    There is a serious loophole there and what made the Watchmen graphic novel really good is the sheer realism of the final plan and how it all comes together. So I’ll keep my reservations on how good it is even though I am going to watch it.

    Also another pet peeve. There are no mention of “Watchmen” in Watchmen. They called themselves Minutemen and they weren’t friends, but all looked out for themselves for their own reasons.

  3. it’s not tat i missed the point, bro…

    **spoiler alert**

    it’s just that there COULD be a way that the writers managed to intertwine their ending with the original outcome (world peace). It’s still Veidt that orchestrates everythg, and im sure they’ve made sure that the smartest man in the world doesnt look like a college nerd in the end…

    it’s still too early for you and I to speculate how will things turn out…. Like you, I have my reservations as well. But it’s sure fun as hell having a debate on this matter, eh? The geek in me is excited.

    PS: The Minutemen were the pioneering masked heroes in the 1940s (formed in 1939). The new age guys called themselves Crimebusters. Like you said, they were only together briefly.

  4. Kavi: I guess it’s the balance between purists and how often Hollywood succeeds in rewriting good adaptations. I’m all for the adaptations, but Watchmen in itself was a finely balance plot with very little waste leading to the climactic ending.

    *Spoiler Ahead*

    That would mean that a lot of the subplots (the newsstand and flashback scenes) and character dynamics (Rorschach’s impact on people, especially in prison and the reasons for his death at the end) would have to be rewritten or tweaked in order to account for the Ozymandias’ vision for peace. Then you have to account for the fact that Zack Snyder said that this is going to be a 2 hour or so movie, not 3.

    Whoever is going to write that and put it together is going to have a hell of a time trying to make sure the impact stays the same. Will Dr Manhattan still be responsible for Rorschach’s death because only Rorschach refuses to go along with Ozymandias’ plan? How will that play out if the rumour that Dr Manhattan will be framed by Ozymandias for the destruction of a large part of the world?

    I could actually see Manhattan agreeing to be the scapegoat for destroying the world because of his ascension from humanity. It’s just got to take into account that he couldn’t predict that future because Ozymandias managed to use the generator and mask the quantum probabilities for the region.

    Like I said, a lot of things to take into account to turn Watchmen into a movie adaptation. It’s going to take a lot to remind myself not to compare the movie to the book at the end. Hard to do, but here’s hoping that it’s worth it.

  5. Visually stunning – duh!
    Fantastic trailer.

    I can hardly wait for the movie. What a teaser man!

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