There comes a point in some blog’s lifespan as such that they will have to require certain guidelines in which the blog runs on. The freedom of speech does come with certain responsibilities and at this point in time, it would appear that I have grown big enough to have to spell out some of them, if only to keep the civility of dialog and speech that I wish to uphold on my blog. The rest of it are as follows:

  1. The contents of this blog reflects the thoughts or ideas of the writer at the moment it was written and not necessarily a permanent statement of the writers perception.
  2. The contents of this blog do not define the writers personality as a whole but rather as a fraction in respect to (1)
  3. The information found on this blog are based on the perception and knowledge of the writer at the moment it was written and not subject to absolute truth of the matter except in the cases of (4).
  4. WordPress related matters are subject to absolute truth without a doubt at the moment it was written.
  5. This blog does not accept requests for blog link exchange or link request. Clarification of the matter can be found here.
  6. The blog writer reserves the right to edit any posts he see’s fit only under these conditions:
    • Additions or changes to the information within the posts must be added on as an update and italicised
    • Spelling errors or changes to the sentence without altering sentence meaning does not have to be informed.
  7. Plagiarism and image hotlinking is not tolerated. There will be no quarter or mercy shown if such acts are to be discovered. You have been warned.
  8. Reader comments found on this blog do not necessarily reflect the the thoughts and opinions of the site owner. A detailed policy on comments and commenting for this blog can be found here.
  9. Trolls and Spammers are not tolerated and will be subjected to the deletion and removal of comments. Again, please refer to the comments and commenting policy of this blog found here.
  10. The owner of this blog is not directly responsible for potentially catastrophic acts commited in response posts as a result of (3). If you did not have a brain to weigh the risks involved, then you definitely deserved it.
  11. In addition to (10), the owner of this blog is not responsible for acts of a metaphysical nature that includes miracles, curses, misfortune and other magical maladies. If you summoned the hell dimension in your basement and you got demons running all around your house messing the vibe, I certainly didn’t tell you to do it.

That should be about the basis of it. Though I do expect that the disclaimer and policy will be altered throughout the course of time as this blog grows which is only natural. What’s also natural is that I do expect that some of these policies are blindingly obvious to all but the catatonically stupid, which shouldn’t be a problem because I don’t expect the catatonically stupid to read this blog anyway. Of course…there have been exceptions, but not even a disclaimer like this can stop that and that is a different story altogether.

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