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Seeing that comments are the main part of the blog where reader/blogger interaction is at it’s highest. There have been instances whereby comments have degraded into a cluttered mess of inbred catfighting and pointless ignorant name calling. To prevent further instances of those acts, I have been enforcing a comment policy which was coming off the top of my head. Now, I’m going to make it very clear, just so to avoid a personal headache and some legal ramifications.

  1. The comments posted do not necessarily reflect the mindset of the blog owner.
  2. This blog observes and enforces a “Zero-Tolerance No-Spam” policy. Spam comments will not be tolerated and will not appear on this blog. This blog is under the protection of Bad Behavior and Akismet WordPress plugins which gives it an all round protection towards spam comments.
  3. This blog observes and enforces a “Zero-Tolerance No-Troll” policy. I do not appreciate comments that fall under these two criterias:
    • Off topic posts. If you don’t know what it is you’re commenting on. You really shouldn’t comment. Just contact me personally instead.
    • Engage in personal attacks. If you want to do that, pick on someone your own size, such as primary school bullies.
    • Offensive. Other people read this blog, if you can’t understand that then you might as well not say anything at all.

    This blog is configured to pick out troll comments and reserves the right to ignore or possibly delete them because it’s considered part of spam and I don’t particularly pay attention to that category when I mass delete it.

  4. Anonymous or falsified email addresses will be immediately placed under moderation and even considered spam or troll comments. You have been warned.
  5. Keep the comments as civil as possible. I don’t mind disagreements especially when it’s said with a good reason and not just within reason.
  6. You do not have to enter the comment twice to state your point. However, if it seems like your comment has not appeared even after you sent it, it most likely has been accidentally caught by my spam and troll filters. Usually, I’ll find your comment and authorize it, but just in case, contact me and explain what happened and I’ll dig your comments back out.
  7. I do reserve the right to edit any spelling or grammatical errors in the comments should I see fit or if you ask. Though I will let it slide if they fit these two criterias:
    • It’s a localised slang.
    • It’s not a serious post.
  8. Be responsible for your comments. It’s your comments. If you don’t have a face or a backbone to stand up for what you’re saying, you probably shouldn’t be commenting at all.

Thank you for reading through and I do hope that you will abide to the comment policies provided to maintain the civility of dialog that presents itself on this blog. Remember, while comments are always appreciated, stupidity and loss of common sense never is.

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