Protected under the Creative Common’s License, the following legal issues are bound to this blog. Under no circumstances are these acts permissible except under prior consent from me:

  1. Produce copies of anything on this blog and sell those copies (inclusive of electronic copies)
  2. Import or export the work for anything other than personal use
  3. Create derivative works
  4. Sell or assign these rights to others

Aside from that, you may directly quote from me provided you give a working link back to the original source where the quote came from. Full text publications of my posts are not allowed in any case. A blog works on the personal opinion of the blogger, in any case, full text republications do not reflect that.

In event that the any work is protected under the GNU General Public License which is usually the case in regards to WordPress and WordPress related codes (eg. plugins and themes), the permission to use, modify and distribute the work is found attached to the work itself and should be read prior to use in cases whereby there are any modifications to the license itself.

If found that you are indeed stealing my own content without my permission. I will first find out where you live, then I will publicly humiliate you and your pathetic attempt at blogging because you’re obviously uncreative enough to even pretend you have a life to blog about, then I will go over and chop off your limbs off and set fire to your house as I watch you try and crawl out from the flaming building with those bloodied stumps of yours.

Then…I’ll really get nasty.

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