Going For Broke

Picasa kinda went funky a couple of days ago so I couldn’t post up a link to my picture after I’ve uploaded it. Goes to show that even the most unexpected of things can fail, mucking things up for everyone.

Speaking of equipment failure, you should never invest in cheap knockoffs of a good brand, especially when you are dependent that investment to support something far more expensive. While trying to take the previous picture, I needed my Gorillapod, something I got as a Christmas present a few years ago. Unfortunately as it was a knockoff, the hinge broke while I was adjusting it, sending my camera to the ground and causing a bid dent and several other superficial scratches.

Thankfully, the camera lens and screen appears fine and everything else is in working condition; but for the most part, there is a sickening feel of not having your gadgets in good order, like a friend who has been recently left with a bad scar in an avoidable accident. Unfortunately while time heals all wounds, the same doesn’t apply to machines, yet. So I’m left with the feeling of wanting a new camera or keeping what I have because I need the money to buy something else.

Going for broke. So much context today.

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