100 Things About Me

  1. Although I was raised in Malaysia, I was officially born in Yorkshire, England.
  2. English has been my first language to me not because I was born in England, but because I spent a large part of my childhood reading books and watching TV.
  3. I was never brought up on children’s books, most of the books I started out with were science and medical books my parents left lying around the house.
  4. I started reading when I was 3 years old.
  5. I am tri-lingual. I can speak english, mandarin and malay with relative ease in decreasing fluency.
  6. I studied at a chinese primary school throughout my primary school years. It also explains the next line.
  7. I used to be bullied a lot as a kid. Every so often I would come home with a roughed up shirt only to have my parents punish me for having my shirt dirty. Life is never fair isn’t it?
  8. Even though I am Malay, I could never get the hang of the Malay language or culture. In fact, I have always avoided a lot of contact with my own race choosing instead to hang around other races.
  9. I am a latchkey child. I always came home to an empty house even when I was very young
  10. I am an only child, but I wasn’t raised spoilt, my parents saw to that personally…and I still have the scars to prove it
  11. Even though I’m officially a Muslim, I am not religious. In fact, truthfully I am an agnostic philosopher at heart. Always have been.
  12. Thieving was skill picked up pretty young. Candy from shops and money from my mom’s purse were the few things my fingers found their way into. No I have never used this skill on a professional level…much to my disappointment.
  13. I have always been a science geek. I never left anything unexploered and left no questions unasked.
  14. Despite my love for science I hate maths. Well…or rather I have problems trying to figure out numbers. Except probability and statistics. That one doesn’t give me a headache.
  15. I am mildly dyslexic, I used to have problems reading numbers and words when I was young.
  16. I love to cook. I started cooking when I was 8 and I don’t think I have ever stopped. Cooking is like my own wild and delicate experiments…in which you eat. I say if there God put it on this planet, then it’s meant to be eaten. How we cook it though…that’s another story.
  17. I love fire…fire is good. I love to watch things burn. I love to keep things burning big and bright. It’s good to be a pyromaniac.
  18. I first burnt myself with melted plastic when I was 4 and I still have the scar on my right hand, and my legs.
  19. I cultured my first bacterial colony when I was 13 from a foot sweat sample. It was hard to get the smell out from my closet after that.
  20. I made myself my first explosive when I was 14. I had an explosive day to say the least.
  21. I have an overactive imagination ever since I was a kid. I lived in my own world that helped keep me out from boredom as an only child
  22. I used to build a lot of things from junk as a kid. Forts from boxes, guns from soap, explosives from eggs. Anything I could think off, I would try and build it.
  23. I knew about sex when I was 7 years old. Curious exploring minds around your house isn’t without its concequences
  24. I realised the true purpose of sex when I was 12 from a friend. Needless to say everything in those medical books started to make sense.
  25. I always had a secret love for penguins. Ju Yit brought it out of me on my 20th birthday when she gave me my first penguin soft toy.
  26. I always find some comfort in the thoughts of angels. I secretly wish that I am actually a fallen angel.
  27. I had my first computer when I was 4. It was a Commodore 64. It also came with a programming book on games which I programmed my first game Space Invaders a year later.
  28. The first girl I had a crush on crushed me and changed my outlook on life forever. Thanks Marianna.
  29. I dissected my first live animal when I was 13. I learnt to always sharpen the scalpel before the first incision.
  30. I had two near death experiences on the same day while climbing a hill when I was 15. It put my life into perspective and put my sorry life together again.
  31. I always felt left out of things in my life because of who I am and what I am.
  32. I have problems trying to be sociable in real life. It’s nothing short of irony that I am also a person that craves physical intimacy
  33. Despite the fact I am a flirt, it always ends up with me being the emotional shoulder for a lot of girls
  34. Even though I can take on a lot of crisis, I’m emotionally insecure when it comes to my own personal problems.
  35. I am Claustrophobic. I fear enclosed spaces.
  36. I’ve got an acute sense of smell which increases whenever I get hungry.
  37. I suffer from recurring migranes ever since I was a kid. I’m used to it now. It just feels like a gentle throbbing on the background noise.
  38. I have been hearing voices in my head ever since I can remember. It’s like a loud scary mess of background noises. I’ve learnt to deal with it my own way.
  39. I have to keep playing a song, any song in my head because it helps me concentrate, focused and keeps the voices out.
  40. I keep claws on my hands. It’s a long story so I put it here.
  41. I am usually a two finger typer despite my speed in typing. However because my right wrist sometimes hurts a lot, I can now do one handed typing with my left hand.
  42. My goal in life is to help people, change the world and live forever. I figured that out when I was 10 and I haven’t changed my priorities yet…except for maybe the order of importance.
  43. I have exposed to enough corruption (gore, sexual sadism, etc…) around that few things surprise or shock me anymore.
  44. I stopped looking at people looks after I was 15. I can’t really tell what’s physically pretty or not unless it was an inorganic object. The only physical thing I look at when I see a person are their eyes. I think that eye’s are the windows to the soul.
  45. I don’t like dumb people. Sometimes I wish I could stuff them all in a pile and watch them burn. But I can’t…lucky for them.
  46. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is my most revered and respected role model. I try to emmulate him the best I can.
  47. I am a movie buff. I enjoy watching movies at the best quality that they came out in. Which means cinema’s with good seating and sound systems. I can even watch movies alone without anyone else with me.
  48. My favourite movie is The Matrix Trilogy. I have probably watched it more times than anyone else (with 201 times for The Matrix at the time this is written)
  49. I am a competitive bastard. When I get into something. I’d go all the way to see it be the best.
  50. I had microfractures in my kness before from rollerblading. So I can’t exert too much force on my knees or it’ll hurt bad. Sometimes they just hurt bad anyway.
  51. I used to have an imaginary friend named Bob. Actually…I don’t think Bob left. Hey Bob…say hi to the good folks out there. Bob’s always better than me at parties. I envy Bob.
  52. I am not a cheap drunk. It takes a lot for me now to get drunk which damages both my liver and my wallet.
  53. I am prone to extreme levels of stress. So much so that I actually had a stomach ulcer because of it.
  54. I routinely crack my knuckles, feet, back and neck. It feels good to do that.
  55. I am a habitual nail biter. At least biting the nails which are not sharpened.
  56. I have a minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I like to arrange things if I see them out of place…especially at fast food joints.
  57. I am allergic to dates (the edible kind) and prunes. I break out in hives and start itching all over. Not a pretty sight.
  58. I love anything that is black, dark blue or silver grey. Everything else around my lifestyle reflects those colours including my clothes.
  59. I can spend 10 minutes to buy the clothes I need but 1 hour trying to get the mouse I want.
  60. I collect 1983 50 cent coins out of pure superstitious habit.
  61. I suffered from suicidal depression when I was 14. As a result my parents sent me to see a psychiatrist. Fat lot of good that did me. I’m not depressed anymore, but I’m still crazy.
  62. I am a student of war. I spent my childhood reading up on all the historical battles and wars. My favourite in particular happens to be World War II.
  63. Weapons are a hobby of mine. I like reading about guns and swords in particular. I hope I can make my very own Japanese Katana for myself.
  64. I think the four most scariest things in life are Teletubbies, Barney, Mashimaro and Pikachu in that order.
  65. I have climbed Malaysia’s highest peak – Mt. Kinabalu – twice.
  66. I love roleplaying games. Always wanted to feel like being someone else in an adventure other than in my own sordid life.
  67. I have dated someone 6 years older than me.
  68. I lost my virginity when I was 19…exactly as statistics have proven.
  69. I love sex and everything about it, I think it was influenced by the time I discovered it when I was 7.
  70. I tend to be adventurous when it comes to anything sexual. Cars, cinema, college are just the places where you can have lots of fun.
  71. I happen to wear briefs not boxers alright? So stop asking already.
  72. I like strong willed women who have their own opinions and know what they want. Hell…I like a woman on top of me during sex.
  73. I love to sing. I was in my school choir for 5 year being head tenor in the end. I never stopped singing.
  74. I have been known to talk to myself no matter where I am. Don’t worry…it doesn’t mean I’m psychopathic…at least not by much.
  75. I have no love for soccer nor will I ever understand why people love soccer so much. I really don’t get it.
  76. For some reason Mosquitoes always find me nice target to bite. I would always be the one coming out with all the mosquito bites in a room full of people.
  77. I happen to find leaches very cute especially when they are feeding on you.
  78. I rather spend time with a small group of friends you know personally rather than a large group where you know by name.
  79. I’ve got unsteady hands. They quiver for some reason.
  80. I have a Brown Belt in Taekwondo and a Blue Belt in Karate. I just never got around to finishing it both.
  81. I scorn the Macintosh Apple like I would scorn a rabid dog. If there is an operating system to support, it’s Linux.
  82. My eyes are sensitive to light. I can’t go out in the sun if I don’t wear some shades or it’ll hurt.
  83. Despite my sensitivity to light, for some reason, I see much better in the dark.
  84. Until now I still am scared of very quiet dark places. Even in the wide open, it makes me feel…claustraphobic.
  85. I’m known to have a short temper. I know alot of people are scared of that.
  86. I am vindictive. I’m known to keep grudges. I don’t really dwell on them…but I like to get even one way or another.
  87. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Chocholate and ice cream are the only two sweet things I would be willing to eat.
  88. I believe that Durians are put in this world of one reason – Biological Warfare. I’d rather shoot myself than eat it.
  89. The most I have gone without sleep is 85 hours on a stretch.
  90. I sleep at night with my socks on. I get cold feet at night for some reason.
  91. For four generations, all my computer systems have gone under the name Sarah. I treat her like a human being, which is not surprising since she is more human than me anyway. She has “issues” once every month.
  92. Almost everything in my life I have worked hard to get…that includes the 4 generations of Sarah’s.
  93. My family has a history of high blood cholesterol. That means sooner or later, I might be going under the knife for my heart.
  94. I have always been fascinated with death. It has been a hobby of mine to always poke and prod dead bodies.
  95. I am a self-cutter. I have 27 scars on my arm in one sitting to prove that.
  96. I mess around with Rubik’s Cubes when I’m bored. Thanks to Albert for teaching me how to solve them. They keep my sanity in check.
  97. I am a hypochondraic by nature. It comes from reading too much medical books.
  98. I have always been known to push my limits whenever I get melancholic.
  99. After a close friend passed away, I made a pledge to stop cancer and I would do anything in my power to make sure no one suffers from it ever again.
  100. I know I have found my soulmate, and I will not rest until I have stand in front of her again and find my own home at last.

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