3 Reasons And An Award Nomination…

Ok I am going to keep this real short because of a few reasons.

  1. I am drunk because I didn’t know I would be going out to happy hour today.
  2. I haven’t eaten all day and I need to cook and eat.
  3. There seems to be a lot of people today that needs comfort.
  4. I am nominated for “Blog of the Year” and “Neophyte of the Year” in the Annual Project Petalling Street Awards.

Ok, so the 4th reason isn’t really a reason to keep things short. I just thought I’d add something in there, but in any case, I guess it is nice that someone recognised me enough to put my blog up there amongst the hoards of redundant nominations there. Although, I don’t really see me being in “Blog of the Year” or “Neophyte of the Year” (for Christ’s sake, I’ve been blogging for 2 years). If anything, I thought my blogathon series or one of my other thoughtful posts on life or blogging would be in the “Ping of the Year” catagory. That would have made much more sense.

But I suppose I am really grateful to Tomato for nominating me in the first place.

Thanks man.

Now the other real thing I do have to do is cook and eat. Not really something to do while I’m still sobering up like I said in one of my other drunk written post. But then again a lot of people are concerned that I haven’t eaten all day anyway so let’s not make them worry any more than that.

I’ll blog something more “me” when I’m sober, but in the mean time…let’s try to keep things sane for the moment.

I think I already did something crazy already.

Bully for me.

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