A Basketfull Of Eggs

I didn’t get the position. Whether due to a miscommunication within the department or simply because there is some internal politics around that I didn’t know about, I don’t know. I suspect I will never know. Things have been so good to me by far that I’ve kinda forgotten that I usually tend to work my butt off to get the things I want. Things that rarely if ever are offered to me on a silver platter.

I forgot about that and this is the result. So let me be moody for a while and dwell on my own lack of foresight on the matter. I’ve put all my eggs into one basket and it appears that there was a fairly large hole at the bottom of it. I deserve to be moody for the moment. But only for the moment.

As it is, there is only a small but ever shrinking opportunity that I might be able to salvage this situation. If I play my cards right, I might still be able to get what I want, but it’s not with taking a few risks on my part. But like I said, I tend to work my butt off to get what I want, even if I make sure I cross the “i’s” and dot the “t’s” their way.

No one said working was easy, but no one ever said getting work was a walk in the park either. I’ll bet you that’s something worth remembering.

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