A Blog About Blogger’s Block

I have blogger’s block. I have true blogger’s block. I have absolutely no idea what to blog about. So I will do the appropiate thing and blog about the fact I have blogger’s block. That way I can say I am a loony blogger at heart…because I blogged about my block on blogging. So here goes.

To cut a short story shorter, I really have absolutely nothing to say. Complete block. Completely nothing at all. So ends my post today about nothing. Please do come again. I might probably have something. Or it could be nothing. You’ll never know.

12 thoughts on “A Blog About Blogger’s Block

  1. What infuriates me is that you actually have the time to even have nothing to blog.

    Woe is me, for currently I have little time to update mine (but still can find time to comment on other people’s).

  2. Dee: Nope, no relation whatsoever because I was repeating what other people have already done and because it’s important to users.

    Lionel: Didn’t take me 5 minutes to write about nothing while multitasking. Time can be found anywhere, we just have to squeeze it…till it comes to nothing. 🙂

  3. *Points, laughs and tries not to agree, considering she has blocks when she has time to blog, but when she’s not procastinating, she wants to do nothing but blog, like today when she has to study for exam*

    And to think I was going to keep it all for Nano. :p

  4. Oh my god! I can’t even find time to post blog and you are blogging to tell the world that you are having a blogger’s block.

  5. Most people say they have nothing to blog about. The solution is simple. Blog about nothing to blog about. It’s still something…even though it’s nothing. I’m sorry…what was I saying again?

  6. Darn, and I came here through Google looking for solutions to Blogger’s Block. 😉
    You could try writing prompt sites like mindbump.com, or take a cue from one of your commenters…

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